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Interview with Dr Farzam Kamalabadi

Farzam Kamalabadi is a Persian American, who has been a global citizen until he moved to live in the Dubai in 2020. He is a world-renowned influential personality, especially in China, the Middle East, Africa, and the West. In particular, he is slated as “The Most Influential Foreign Figure in Modern China History” by Chinese state media, United Nations’ Pictorial magazine, Arabian Business Arabic weekly, and other media in the United States and Europe.


By Carlos Mundy

He reads and writes Chinese, speaks several dialects of the language, and is a Master-calligrapher of Chinese, including the ancient hieroglyphic script. He is also a Senior Economic Advisor to over 20 municipal and regional governments in China. He is the only foreigner who has masterminded and created several rounds of the national policy of China, which have been signed, sealed, and endorsed in writing by China’s state leaders, including the President, the Premier, and several other key national leaders collectively.

Dr Kamalabadi with the Leading Senator & President, H. E. Senator Abu Ibrahim.

Kamalabadi is the person who guided and directed Africa’s first-ever bloodless and zero-bullet power transition – Zimbabwe on November 2017.

A well-known figure in the oil & gas and energy sector on the global stage, he has been the chairman or first keynote speaker at major petroleum & energy summits. He served in various capacities for the economic development of nations as Senior Advisor to several countries’ national oil systems, including Oman, Kuwait, and China. He has successfully handled various oil and petrochemical trading deals and projects, such as securing exploration rights and concessions. He is the only foreign personality in both the two national and several provincial private oil and gas associations of China in the first decade of their formation.

He has executed iconic financial deals, which include US Exim Bank loan to 56 Chinese cities for environment solutions, as well as nearly 100 private and public deals in various sectors world over. His personal philosophy is to establish a sustainable global system and mature enterprises which will contribute towards the building of a new and equitable world.

I have had the honour of interviewing him in his office in the Iris Bay Building in Dubai.

CM- Tell me a little bit about Future Trends Group

Farzam Kamalabadi - Future Trends Group, was established first in 1993 in the USA and is now operating globally. It is a group of companies, partners, projects, and platforms spread across the globe in diverse industries and sectors. We have a vast network of resources and know-how in over 120 countries, with a track record of nearly 100 completed projects or transactions, totalling over USD 30B in turnover in the past 25 years. Our core business is growing companies and entities globally, rapidly, and exponentially, by launching and managing a mechanism of sound and robust growth inside any corporation, enterprise, or institution that engages our well-matured platform and system.

Dr Kamalabadi with President of Zimbabwe, H.E. Emmerson Mnangagwa.

CM- This is most impressive. You must have an extraordinary network.

FK- Our vast, in-depth, and high-calibre global resources and networks number above several million with direct connections to decision-makers such as Heads of State, Royal Families in the Gulf Region, Europe, Southeast Asia; National, Provincial, and Municipal Government Leadership; Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Director Generals; Financial Institutions, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Royal Families Capitals, Banks, Pension Funds, Family Offices, Fund-of-Funds, and Investor Communities; Media Networks and Institutions; Enterprises in most industrial sectors globally and prominent personalities supporting our activities over the years. This is the result of many years of work and networking.

CM- What is Future Trend’s mission?

FK- To create a new ideal institution, inclusive of wealth and welfare, which will set the trends of the future and be emulated by others and design a new paradigm of sustainable wealth generation and distribution. We aim to establish a perpetual model, which will remain for ages as the lead agent and catalyst for change and develop and refine a network and system, that will serve as a platform for exponential growth on the global scale.

Dr Kamalabadi with Farzam Kamalabadi with the former President of Ghana HE. John Dramani Mahama.

CM- Tell our readers about the Future Trends Africa Manifesto: The Collective Peaceful Rise of Africa.

FK- I wrote the manifesto 2 years ago because Africa must be the source of its economy and the epicentre of its prosperity. Africa must become the GIVER not the receiver and the source to the solution of its problems. The time is right for Africa's universal recognition and realization of “The New Realm of Possibilities”, creating a simple, yet drastic conscious and subliminal attitude changes and mindset shift. African nations must become global LEADERS not followers. I have no doubt whatsoever that Africa is an Ecosystem for Africa First. African nations will become First World nations.

CM- What is the goal for Africa as per the Future Trends manifesto?

FK- To spread the paradigm shift with a new consciousness and action movement like wildfire across all communities and societies; throughout the continent, media, nations leadership and parliaments; universities and schools; academia and thinkers’ tanks; youth and children; rural areas and clusters; creating the buzz of the upcoming colossal transformation. We aim to create and build Africa's self- regenerative native economies and societies by unleashing and utilizing domestic resources and investing in human capital.

CM- Why do you think this is possible?

FK- African Nations are each wealthier than Arab Gulf States such as Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. In actualized wealth African nations are also wealthier than European nations. Africa as the continent is wealthier and higher than China & Asia. In actualized wealth 20-30 African nations with 1 trillion USD Economy level benchmark in each nation, in actualized wealth. This can be achieved with the release of dormant assets & wealth potentials independent of and without aid, without reliance on foreign direct investments.

CM- What is the time frame to achieve these laudable goals?

FK- It might sound ambitious, but I know indeed below realities that all will be fully activated and realized within 7-8 Years of the next decade. Our motto is: From Africa, in Africa, by Africa, for Africa, and for export outside of Africa as outbound contributions to the world communities".

CM- So how do you see Africa’s future?

FK- An Africa with zero debt. An Africa exporter of capital and net exporter of aid. I see Africans as wealthy but not proud, not selfish, and not self-centred. Africa will design and implement an ideal effective trickle own systems for well distributed wealth to rural areas and townships in the provinces and will be the first to implement Universal embedded benevolence. The continent will have many Neutral zones and special economic regions.

Dr Kamalabadi with President Biden; and with Vice-president Kamala Haris at the White House during the US-Africa Summit in December 2022

CM- And politically?

FK- Africa will go beyond the so-called democracy of bi-partisan, adversarial system. There is no need for the old model of two opposing political parties on a superhighway of direct collision going in two opposing directions with constant cashes; rather it will implement the model of 45 degrees or 60 degrees convergence and coalition, even consensus among parties and systems; all arrayed peacefully and in collective consultation culture of alignment in one single direction towards the elevation of the nations. No more ruling party vs opposition party model. No more confrontational clash as all differing systems will converge and merge into one directional upward. We must build consensus among all leaders (the Head, the Heart, the Pillars) and work on the aggregation of all resources, projects, programs, and initiatives by fast tracking accelerated model of "vortexes" and mega multiplier effects of converge, merge, integrate, aggregate, monetize, digitalize, multiply, and seamlessly distribute.

CM- I am very impressed and have no doubt that you will be successful in this mission. It is now Africa’s time.

FK- Indeed. Africa is the origin of our human civilization. The magical continent is blessed with a brilliant destiny, endowed with the richest human, material, mental, and cultural resources. It is where the fate of humanity has a chance of renewal and rebirth.


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