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Interview: Mazarine Couture

Mazarine Couture

Fine thread work and premium quality fabrics - that's what

Mazarine @mazarine_official is all about.

A premium quality bespoke tailoring handmade in UAE by Ukrainian-

Swiss Designer, Maryna Mazarine. Get yourself a glass

of champagne and immerse yourself into the Mazarine world.

Maryna Mazarine, who received her education in Switzerland,

is inspired by European luxury fabrics,prints and tailoring.

A curious and fearless spirit, a sharp mind and a passion -

this is how Mazarine Couture is, a premium quality

ready-to-wear brand that offers exceptional craftsmanship and


With a background in business and fashion, she has dedicated her

life to finding innovative ways to tell the Mazarine story through

her collections for women who demand style and quality at all


VVM: Provided by passion, determination and hard work,

Mazarine, a name that’s well-known in the region as a concept

fashion brand, as a young designer what drives you to succeed?

MAZARINE: We are inspired by fashion, art and everything that makes life beautiful. Our commitment to unique, quality products has created a loyal following among women who are looking for the perfect fit, tailored garments according to their own body type and figure for them to express themselves in every step and who want to feel comfortable in their own skin.

We are not only a fashion brand, we are also a fashion atelier. We

create our collection in house with the help of my own team which I

selected personally and trained them according to my luxury


Expect only the highest quality garments from MAZARINE, which

are made with love in our ideal Atelier with a help of skillful people.

We create clothes that highlight femininity, making them timeless

and always in style. This is why MAZARINE is rare in the region,

providing extra personalized services and a personal touch to each and every client who comes to our showroom.

VVM: Maryna you always bring the best of fashion with a touch of

elegance you manage to have the luxury clothes wearable and make

them look effortless, what’s your story? Why did you choose to

devote your life to fashion and design?

MAZARINE: It all started in my childhood when I was a

professional ballroom dancer and together with my mom I was

creating some kind of haute couture garments for my ballroom

competitions and I wanted to be different, to stand out. My mom

and I used to sketch together and choose the fabrics and accessories

that I wanted to have on my dresses, I started using services of an

atelier at a very young age. I always sketched my outfits for my

business university in Switzerland since we had a very strict formal

dress code and I was creating tweed garments and I was always

inspired by the great Gabrielle Chanel.

When I worked as Christian Louboutin's ambassador in Geneva, I

had the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge and my love for

fashion grew even more. I just had this idea, a vision how I wanted

to see my brand… I definitely wanted to do something as slow

fashion, something very classy sustainable which doesn't go out of

fashion, which can help a modern woman to highlight her

femininity, to help her feel more beautiful regardless of where she

goes and all of that is based on my personal taste.

VVM: Mazarine, a single word but a Big Idea. What does Mazarine


MAZARINE: Inspired by the changeable nature of the sea, blue

represents my personality and the deep history of French Cardinal

Mazarin. That’s why I think when I found a pantone shade

“Mazarine Blue” I just realized that this name is perfect for my

brand. Mazarine logo is a blue flower which has a lot of petals of

completely different shapes, it represents beautiful and unique

women worldwide.

MAZARINE is a brand that embraces individuality. We believe that

everyone deserves to find their own personal style that suits them

best no matter what their body shape may be. Maintaining close

relationships with our customers, we take pride in designing

beautiful pieces that you can feel confident in wearing wherever

you are in the world! We care deeply about the quality of our

garments. We make sure they are made with love and with

attention to details.

A line with a unique concept, connecting women worldwide

through the power of fashion.

VVM: Mazarine, a color that inspires confidence, a symbol of

power and strength, who is your muse and why?

MAZARINE: I created my brand Mazarine because I wanted to

inspire women like me, like you and like anybody else.

Every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way, she makes a

statement with her own style. And every woman I met in my past

has become a muse for me in one way or another. I am inspired by

personalities, by characters, I am always eager to learn and to

discover something new in women worldwide.

VVM: Mazarine is always seeking ways to practice sustainable

fashion, tell us about the fabrics that you use? What do you think

about this new direction of fashion?

MAZARINE: Mazarine wants to encourage customers to rethink

their relationship to clothes. That is why Mazarine creates Slow

Fashion, that benefits the Planet and all people. Each piece is

carefully handcrafted at our own Mazarine Atelier, where we do not

harm our environment by keeping a low volume production with

zero waste, which means no wasted fabrics and no wasted energy.

We do not chase trends, instead we focus on quality of our material,

slower production schedules and zero waste designs. We produce

enduring styles with layering options and create classic pieces.

Mazarine encourages to build minimalist wardrobes and to invest

in garments that serve a lifetime.

Our slow-fashion products are created with extreme attention to

details, high-quality materials and timeless designs. These features

make Mazarine garments the perfect addition to a wardrobe of a

modern woman.

VVM: The Mazarine is a cut to excellence and tailored to perfection,

with an exclusive design that’s sure to impress. Can you

give us a spoiler about your next line?

MAZARINE: The International Women’s Day is just around the

corner and for this occasion we have already started our production

of dresses and outfit, that will highlight femininity.

Mazarine is a unique concept for an elegant and sophisticated

woman. Our focus is on crafting glamorous, yet classy dresses that

are made to last. Evening wear collection is coming soon, that will

make you feel beautiful, elegant, classy and fabulous!

VVM: We know you have joined Porterium, the luxury shopping platform

that VMM partners with. We wish you inspiration and success in

building your brand presence around the world.


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