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Interview: luxury menswear house LACINO

The luxury menswear house LACINO unveils its bejeweled bow ties and premium leather goods. Established in 2019 with a timeless essence, LACINO is the passion project of founder and president Vincent Cuvelier and his associate Tracy Saab, together they bring the modernity of the automotive industry and the endurance of luxury goods.

When was luxury menswear house LACINO founded and what is LACINO renowned for?

The name and the inspiration started in 2018 by the founder of the brand Vincent Cuvelier. The goal was to be able to work on the bow ties in complete safety and create a luxury jewel for men from a classic product. LACINO means: L for luxury, ACI for the raw material “Acier” which was used to create the first bow tie and NO for Noeud Papillon.

And in 2021, his partner Tracy Saab joined the brand and they subsequently expanded the structure of the company so that they could develop it together and start a path towards derivatives of products other than the bow tie such as leather goods and a line of conduct on luxury, but commercial products, that will give the house an advantage and additional access to the global market, through the alliance of carbon, leather, and precious stones connecting to the automobile and the LACINO product.

Being a newly established brand, what channels do you rely on for branding and communication with customers?

The LACINO house is really targeted at a niche clientele for jewellery but also for leather goods. Although the product is placed in the niche and luxury market, the prices of leather goods remain accessible in the luxury price range. On the commercial steps, the house sets out to meet Club Privé, to collaborate with car dealers, as well as the most prestigious concept or pop-up stores, to give the brand

the value it deserves.

Who are the founders of the brand and what is their background and the philosophy behind the brand?

Vincent Cuvelier, founder of the LACINO brand and creator of the bow tie, has always been fond of the field of automobiles and automobile design. He knew by his creation and his work dedicated to this sector and its technology to develop a luxury product and a masculine accessory, a prestigious jewel for men. In 2018, the idea of ​​reworking the bow tie and developing the idea was obvious to him.

This automobile enthusiast focused during these first years on the meticulous work that he could give

to a product, an innovative jewel, a soul and a poetic story between man and the alliance of the automobile. He studied, worked, and researched this new concept in order to achieve satisfaction with the result of the jewel he wanted to give. He continues until today working every day on the improvement of this precious jewel.

Tracy Saab fell in love with the bow tie and joined the brand as a partner in the development of the house with her feminine touch, her creation and her vision for the future of the brand's image. Following fashion school in Paris specializing in model making and style, she worked in many French couture houses abroad in ready-to-wear and luxury leather goods which she was able to develop due to her experiences and travels around the world in the technical field, but also the creation of collections.

She knew how to learn from the richness of each culture and created a strength for the vision of all the projects she undertook.

What is unique about LACINO’s diamond bow ties?

The quality of manual work. A Made in France product manufactured in the LACINO offices and in the workshops in the region. The manipulation of the jewel, the design, the cutting and the work by hand, makes the bow tie exclusive and not common.

Each piece is unique to the person who creates and chooses it. GIA-certified, we give a quality to our product that puts us on the list of a niche concept with our customers.

The alliance of precious stones with rare metals is embodied in the product range of bow ties.

LACINO’s diamond bow ties are GIA certified, designed as a work of art and paired with a unique collar

in full-grain calfskin of a natural pigmentation.

How many different styles are in LACINO’s Collection and what is unique about the materials and production process?

Today LACINO has two ranges of products, the jewel which is defined by the bow tie and the range of luxury leather goods. The two lines are linked to the alliance of the automobile and luxury. The house has combined the two products to make them collector's items.

Can you elaborate on this aspect of standards please: “In a luxury sector that is slowly adapting to preserving the planet, LACINO’s conscious approach employs Italian skin and linings treated without chemicals and toxic products which follow a natural pigmentation treatment.”?

The LACINO house is aware today of the environmental problems that affect the world. Environmental restriction standards were LACINO's priority wish. LACINO's collaborators are placed in a close geographical area accordingly, and the raw materials are worked in the most sensitive way to comply with the legality of European standards.

The Made in France aspect is cherished by Maison LACINO with its CE marking, which guarantees the

conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards, and a French savoir-faire. In a luxury sector that is slowly adapting to preserving the planet, LACINO’s conscious approach employs Italian skin and linings treated without chemicals and toxic products which follow a natural pigmentation treatment. The scraps are collected, up-cycled and reused for bowtie necklaces and small leather goods.

Where is LACINO's new collection available now?

For the moment our LACINO products are present on the website: and soon in concept and pop-up stores between France and the Arab Gulf countries for the Christmas holiday period.

Tracy Saab & Vincent Cuvelier

LACINO offers its clientele bespoke services and the customization and personalization of limited-

edition products. The brand caters to the client who desires rare items that reflect his personal style.

“LACINO is for the businessman characterized as an exceptional persona. A man of character who

gives importance to the details of quality products,” comments Vincent Cuvelier and Tracy Saab.

LACINO products are available upon private appointments and a privileged accompaniment via

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