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International Artist and Visionary Patricia Karen Gagic

By Jules Lavallee

Patricia Gagic has been internationally lauded for her work - as one of Canada’s most exceptional communicators, as an award-winning contemporary Artist, Author, and successful Entrepreneur. Patricia is an etheric energy leader – founder of the “Wisdom of Karma” merging realism with soul and a partner in Lotus97.7. In 2017, she was presented the Excellence in the Arts for Courage and Commitment to Human rights, Dignity and Freedom Award by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

She is a four- time named WXN Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018. She is a member of the IWF, International Women’s Forum and member of the Board of the Sir Edmund Hilary Foundation. Speaking engagements include the Harvard Club of Boston, Carnegie Hall, and NASDAQ. Recipient of the Salon National des Beaux-arts Gold Medal at the Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris, and Silver and Pewter Medal Academique Societe Arts Sciences Lettre of Paris, France.

Patricia Gagic. All images courtesy of the artist.

Patricia is a Certified Meditation Specialist completing Applied Mindfulness and Transformative Mindfulness at the University of Toronto. She is the 2020 Universal Women’s Network Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. For her long- time work in Cambodia, Patricia was Knighted as a Dame of the International Order of St. George Grand Prior.

Innundation 16X 20 in. Patricia Gagic.

She also received honors from the World of Art with the 2021 Dante Alighieri International Prize and the Italia In Arte Nel Mondo Prize. The International Prize Caravaggio by Earte was also awarded to her.

Dedicated to Manzer. 40 x 60 in. Patricia Gagic.

Recently, Gagic’s paintings were exhibited at 13th Street Gallery as a celebration of Art and Music.

Her set of paintings under the Lodger series are timely tuned to the phonics of Pat Metheny’s guitar songs that often fills the air of her studio. Gagic’s experience of painting to music has given her a gift of painting in the present. As the tempo ticks, Gagic produces a burst of color and energy that initially welcomes the viewer with a veritable feast, in the foreground, of thin electrifying slithers of live color that, to me, give the treble. Then, as one explores and goes deeper, the tone lowers to a more steady background of warmer, more solid tones give the bass. The range of vibrations through the works produces a wonderful layered lyrical story of sensations and emotions, into which the viewer can travel on a journey through these different planes of Gagic’s hand painted mystical musical galaxy of energy.”- Theo Johns Senior Art Market Consultant/Authentify Art

Avalon's Dream 36 x 48 in (002). Patricia Gagic.

“Forget Bose speakers, this is high quality audio for the eyes. I highly recommend listening to the music as you explore this series, it’s a trip worth taking.”

“From a background of strong traditional training, Gagic has reached a point in her career where she has mastered her craft and where one can sit/stand back, relax and receive a truly delightful experience of Art.”

In addition, there are 5 paintings which have been created in a collaboration known as “Lotus97.7” (artists Patricia Gagic and Greg DiFrancesco). These works are a dedication to Neil Peart, the late drummer of the rock band Rush. Neil was considered one of the greatest percussionists to grace the music industry. His legacy and contribution to the world is considerable in both music and writing. He was a multi-faceted individual who wrote 6 non-fictions books and traveled extensively. Greg and Patti created works embracing his massive and extensive drum kits along with imagery of his iconic face. Virgo Rising and Virgo Descending portray his vivacious energy in a way that symbolizes his genius. One particular piece is called Fusion. The painting has a very etheric quality which reveals both the face of Pat Metheny and Neil Peart in an elemental feeling of gazing through water or a haze.

Sonic Drums. 20 x 16 in.

Greg and Patti met when they were 12 and 13 years old. Many years later, they reconnected. As a professional drummer/percussionist Greg has brought his creative and brilliant mind together in the studio collaborating on pieces which incorporate using drum sticks, wires and brushes on the canvas. These are skillfully designed with drum kits honoring legendary drummers.

The works are manifestations which Patti has mastered with her extensive art training and career, studying in France for nearly 25 years. Patti has taken up drumming and is now being trained by Greg. She has two kits in her studio, a Gretch Renown she joyfully calls Lotus… and a Sonor SQ1. Greg is 97.7 percent Italian and together they are Lotus97.7.

The painting “Dedicated to Manzer,” is dedicated to the Canadian luthier Linda Manzer who built over 27 guitars for the legendary genius Pat Metheny. Linda has created for many famous musicians including Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn and Sting.

Patrica’s recent collaboration is for the LA band, Thredge. Her paintings have been painted to their music and will be used as artwork for their CD and events.

Artist's studio.

Greg DiFrancesco and Patricia Gagic.

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