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In Geneva, birth of the brand "S by Salanitro"

The birth of the brand "S by Salanitro", comprises a collection of rare and precious "Haute Couture" objects.

Pierre Salanitro et Hania Bailly (Bailly Gallery)

From left to right: Nasr Al Majed et Pierre Salanitro

S by Salanitro is a new brand that distinguishes itself by creating exceptional objects, designing and creating unexpected products with a strong and unique identity in the luxury world. Aesthetic and cultural sensitivity, knowledge of materials and precious stones, exceptional know-how from the Métiers d'Art of jewellery creation in Haute Horlogerie, S by Salanitro is a Swiss brand created by Pierre Salanitro whose vocation is to surprise through dazzling and original creations.

The sources of inspiration are infinite, always outside of watchmaking. With each creation, sometimes through artistic collaborations, the teams put all their knowledge at the service of an exceptional final product, corresponding to the highest standards of connoisseurs and lovers of rare refinements.

While fine watchmaking is the original core business of its founder, S by Salanitro explores new horizons, embodying his passion for unique and precious objects, sources of emotion.

The Warrior of Malinaltepec The first creation signed S by Salanitro is a contemporary reinterpretation of the emblematic mask of Malinaltepec discovered in 1921 in southwestern Mexico. Sublimated by the work of the setters and engravers who master technical prowess and artistic sense, each mask, made of vermeil, is highlighted by a multitude of diamonds. Each piece is accompanied by a presentation box made by the best sheath makers in Geneva. A support inside allows the mask to be displayed on the wall. Backgammon, a "Haute couture" game box The second object presented by the S by Salanitro brand is a backgammon. Synonymous with the art of living, Pierre Salanitro offers a precious backgammon, in a very "Haute Couture" artisanal spirit. This luxury backgammon with its contemporary design and exceptional quality materials is made from Swiss wood, set with black diamonds or blue sapphires, and sheathed by the best craftsmen in Geneva. The brand's signature is revealed in the details: a customization service is available for the most personal wishes. The Mirror, reflection of the soul The third object is a mirror created in collaboration with the interior architect and designer Aline Erbeia, founder of the brand "The Precious Energy". Inspired by the Mexican "Calaveras", it is made of lacquered wood and is composed of 1,277 precious and semi-precious stones, each with a particular meaning. Having required 350 hours of meticulous work to position each stone, this mirror speaks to us and sends messages of peace, serenity and harmony through the stones that compose it. Size, shape, color, number of stones...the possibility of customization is also possible in order to offer an even more exceptional character to the creation.

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