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Hublot debuts Hublot Loves Summer Party on Lake Zurich

Hublot stages Hublot Loves Summer Party on Lake Zurich for the first time

Right after the 26th edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup hosted in Gstaad and met with unanimous approval this year, with a perfectly tested and relaxed organization, technically accomplished with an excellent field, the central Switzerland had its own Hublot event.

Hublot brought together Friends of the Brand and Ambassadors Mujinga Kambundji, Corinne Suter, Andreas Caminada, Dario Cologna and Alan Roura for the first time on the shores of Lake Zurich for a memorable celebration. With sun-inspired cocktails, a private concert by the Dora Live Band and an electrifying set by DJ Ilona, the event showcased the shared passions and values that forge a unique spirit that unites these high-level achievers and members of the Hublot family.


All five exude a quiet strength with a touch of humility, and all work with time, striving for speed, precision, performance and optimization in their training, movements and gestures. And while they all also perform solo, their métier, sport and passion are executed with coaching and support from a team of professionals.

Channeling their competitive nature, determination and team spirit, the evening included a table football tournament – a nod to the ninth FIFA Women’s World Cup, for which Hublot is Official Timekeeper – as three guest finalists competed against three ambassador teams for the Hublot Loves Summer Party 2023 Cup.

“To be meaningful, coherent and impactful, it is important to us that each of Hublot’s Friends of the Brand and Ambassadors feel that they belong to a family. The relationships we build go beyond performances, careers and success. Today, by bringing all five together for the first time, it is a pleasure to witness their bonds, and what brings them together is the Hublot family. This is an additional source of satisfaction for Hublot, making what we achieve every day with our staff, partners and ambassadors all the more meaningful. It goes far beyond our watches and our image. These bonds, this sense of belonging, it is a force, it also tells our story.” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

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