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Golden touch of Midas in Paris

Haute couture collections spring summer 2023 - day 2 started with Alexis Mabille golden show at Christie's Paris.

For his Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2023, Alexis Mabille presents one of his boldest shows in terms of playfulness and uncompromisingly couture collections consisting of 36 undeniably powerful and youthful looks. 


The theme "Color Addict" is fully represented with a diverse colour palette and the attention is on draping, Mabille's favourite Hellenic silhouette is perfectly presented in colours that range from bright gold to dusty olive. Other looks feature well tailored pointy shoulders with wide floor length dress, another classic Mabille silhouette.

However this time the designer refrains from embroidery using it very rarely and letting the outfits and colours speak their own language - a couture poetry.

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture

After almost a hour of delay Stephane Rolland show started, fashionably too late as some photographers started to get impatient. However the 50 min delay was worth waiting because Rolland present nothing else than the pure exquisite haute couture of gold, white and rich chocolate looks masterfully draped around the body.

Vaishali - the first female designer to present at Paris Haute Couture Week

Vaishali’s ‘Abyss’ collection for Paris Haute Couture Week 2023 is made with carefully chosen yarn from villages across India. These threads are then woven into the finest metallic silk which was used throughout the collection. The garments that make up the collection are flowy, yet constructed to form unconventional silhouettes, as per the designer’s artistic interpretation of an abyss.

Men's couture by Vaishali

The final product is a form of wearable art in handwoven Indian textiles. The collection includes a mix of gowns and various artistic drapes using Vaishali’s signature textures and handwoven fabrics.

Founder and designer of Vaishali

When we are in the depths of an abyss, darkness surrounds us; but as we start emerging out of it, we gradually start experiencing the beauty of the colors around us, until we finally reach the light. Similarly, Vaishali’s ‘Abyss’ collection starts with black, depicting the deepest depths. This darkness slowly gives way to hues of purple, pink, green and yellow, which then finally transition into pure white – a depiction of our journey from the abyss, into the light.

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