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Neuchâtel "Golden Hour" charity auction at the Hôtel Beaulac



Hôtel Beaulac Neuchâtel set the stage for celebrating watchmaking heritage with the first edition of the golden hour event, at Hôtel Beaulac in Neuchâtel. The first edition of the Golden Hour event was a success, drawing a crowd of about 700 watch collectors, enthusiasts, press and general public over the weekend. The event was a true celebration of the legacy of the Neuchatel region.

The Golden Hour event is to return next year and continue to honor the horological diversity of

the canton of Neuchatel and the surrounding region, including the twin french city of Besançon.

LTR: Thomas Baillod, Lena bint Wail.

"We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the resounding success of the Golden Hour experience. This remarkable occasion served as a momentous opportunity to celebrate the rich heritage of Swiss watchmaking within the borders of Neuchâtel, while showcasing its magnificence to the rest of the world." - Mrs Lena bint Wail

On Saturday 10 June at 7pm during the Golden Hour auction, a selection of 30 lots, initiated by Ms. Lena

bint Wail, member of the Board of Directors of the Hôtel Beaulac, ICONEEK auctions 12 exceptional lots, the proceeds or benefits of which will be donated to the “L’ENFANT C’EST LA VIE“ Foundation.

The sale of these lots is made possible thanks to the generosity of the participating brands by offering either immersive experiences or rare mechanical or watchmaking pieces, or by proposing a watch combined with an experience.

The event, which spanned over this weekend at the sublime Hotel Beaulac, welcomed hundreds of visitors in an intimate and relaxed setting, to celebrate the watchmaking heritage of the Neuchatel region. The Opening Cocktail hosted by Mrs Lena bint Wail, organizer of the event, took place on friday 9th June, welcoming over 250 guests, among some of the most illustrious watch connaisseurs from the Canton.

Alain Siberstein, Utinam


The exhibition of Heritage and Contemporary Collections, which showcased some of the most exquisite and innovative timepieces celebrated the diversity of the Neuchatel legacy; showcasing big-name brands such as Greubel Forsey, Panerai, Zenith, revived brands like Czapek but also contemporary brands like Alain Silberstein, BA111OD and Utinam as well as WatchBox, the global leader in pre-owned luxury watches.

The watch specialist auction house ICONEEK was also exhibiting its 155 lots that were up for auction. Visitors were treated to an immersive experience as they explored the exhibits on display, each one offering a glimpse into the intricate universe of the Maisons. From classic timepieces to cutting-edge mechanical technology, the exhibition truly had something for everyone.

Throughout the exhibition, there were also workshops led by expert artisans, showcasing the genuine hand-craftsmanship behind a timepiece. These sessions offered a unique opportunity for visitors to gain insight into the creative processes behind some of the most iconic timepieces and how much time and dedication each of these craftsmen; Richard Lundin (engraver), Silvio Rodrigues (gem setter) and Laurent Buclin (watchmaker); spend not only on creating but also restoring watches, giving them a new lease on life.

LTR: Patrick Hoffmann, Executive Vice President of WatchBox Switzerland; Lena bint Wail

The event also featured Visiodome, Watch CertificateTM and Fine Watch Club. Visiodome, is a pioneer trunk for distance selling, designed to meet the emerging need for new distance selling tools in the luxury and retail industry. Watch CertificateTM is the digital passport that authenticates, certifies and insures all watches. The Fine Watch Club is a private watch club where members have access to special events and experiences.

One of the highlights of the evening was the auction of the very rare and beautiful Omega "Maille d'Or" designed by Gilbert Albert. Known for its distinctive design and original manufacture, this watch was highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Its auction is a tribute to the enduring appeal of high-quality timepieces. Finally, the auction was a resounding success, with most of the 12 "experience" lots going well over their initial estimate.

The event testified to the long-lasting attraction of fine watchmaking, and celebrated the craftsmanship and artistry that go into the creation of timeless timepieces.

LTR: Xavier de Roquemaurel, Lena bint Wail, Patrick Czapek,

Ms. Lena bint Wail (LbW) is Director of her Family Office, which manages the dividends distributed from their diversified holding company that owns and operates businesses across the hospitality, F&B, contracting, and real estate sectors globally.

Ms. Lena bint Wail is a passionate entrepreneur, who is continuously seeking, exploring, and dissecting promising investment opportunities that fit into and compliment the operating portfolio of companies she oversees.

Ms. Lena bint Wail’s prior experience includes working for top tier consulting firms in the areas of M&A and Due Diligence. She is an Economics graduate from the prestigious McGill University in Canada.

For lots 01 to 12, no buyers premium was charged to prospective buyers, except the live fee if applicable.

Following organization took part: (in alphabetical order)

Participating Brands

Audemars Piguet




Fine Watch Club & GMT Publishing

Greubel Forsey



Utinam x Alain Silberstein




Lena bint Wail – Board Member Hôtel Beaulac

Laurence Voegelin-Stamm - Hôtel Beaulac

Fabienne Lupo - Luxpo

Raffaella Rossiello – Rossiello Communication

Marina Coelho – Sparkling PR

Agnès de Bonnecorse - Luxpo

and all the people involved in the organization of this charity auction.

LTR: Antonio Calce, Executive Board Member & Shareholder Greubel Forsey; Susanne Hurni, Fabienne Lupo, Patrick Hoffmann. All images copyright ©

Les Amis Foundation

The Foundation "L'enfant c'est la vie" is one of the institutions of public utility that are mandated to accompany children, adolescents and families, according to the equipment plan of the Canton of Neuchatel which defines its mission. The "L'enfant c'est la vie" Foundation is at the disposal of the placement services.

Two sectors, early childhood and childhood-adolescence, constitute the organization of the responses to the mission in order to be as close as possible to the needs and problems.

Each sector assumes a triple function:

- Education

- Psychological assistance

- Rehabilitation.

The activity of each place respects the following criteria:

- The needs of the population for school-age children, adolescents in training and families in difficulty.

- The quality of the services offered in each place.

The management of the Foundation is based on four essential values: respect, equity, authenticity, daring through its charter and the following principles:

- Quality analysis, which emphasizes the continuous improvement of the services provided according to the objectives, needs and means.

- Human resources, which match the skills of each person with their position.

- An allocated budget.

- The respect of information to the public, to share the evolution of the Foundation in its pedagogical care, its developments and its contributions.

These principles are bound to evolve with the management set up, which is dynamic and modern, like that of a company.

The purpose of the Fondation des Amis is to seek and collect funds which it allocates in priority to the activities of the Foundation "L'enfant c'est la vie".

To donate => QR IBAN : CH71 0076 6000 1033 7868 7

Les Amis promotes the development and blossoming of children, adolescents and families by supporting various activities.

Les Amis also supports research and innovation in educational means.

With you, simply, we will be stronger to improve the daily lives of children, adolescents and families in difficulty.

L’enfant c’est la vie

Ch. de Belmont 11

CP 68

CH-2017 Boudry

T: +41 32 886 64 00


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