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Global Influencer, Shrenik Shah

Keynote Speaker and Global Influencer, Shrenik Shah a Stage IV Vocal Cord Cancer Warrior in his 26th Year

By Jules Lavallee

As a Global Captivating Influencer and spontaneous inspirational speaker for the past 11 years, Shrenik has given advice and guidance to cancer survivors and their families. With over 1000+ talk shows with his unique voice. He was recently invited by Dr. Pranay Shah, Dean of India's premier institute, B J Medical College, Ahmedabad.

There he addressed undergraduates, graduates and faculties about adding value to the lives of patients with his 90 minute presentation. He also talked at length about intelligent & timely decisions to save the lives of those suffering. Shrenik has given countless such sessions at various premier institutes across the globe. He has inspired, encouraged and assisted many individuals in changing their lives.

You are a Captivating Global Influencer and Keynote Speaker, who has been relentless in inspiring millions of lives globally by using your unique voice. Share your background.

I was the youngest member among the siblings, and I traveled by train to Mumbai for the 1st time at 20-years old. I entered the family business of producing colors for dyeing and at 34-years-old, my professional career turned into an international marketer. Over a decade, I traveled to 37 countries with 200+ overseas trips and spent most of my life at 37,000 feet commuting between India and Western countries including South America.

I was known as a trendsetter in international business. European customers know me as a cowboy and for my speed. At times, I was boarding a plane 7 times in 30 hours. I have never smoked or used tobacco & a non-alcoholic, strict vegetarian so not suspecting cancer was developing in my throat.

At the age of 44, during the 1st half of 1997, my natural voice turned into hoarseness and whispering with weight loss of 15 kgs and I had acute breathlessness along with restlessness, as if I was drowning in water. I was the only earning member of the family and I chose life at the cost of permanent loss of voice. I underwent massive surgery for 9 and a half hours followed by 35 rounds of radiotherapy and my neck turned black like charcoal. I recovered in 3 months.

You are in your 26-year as a Cancer Conquer. What do you want people to know about your journey of strength?

The Sound of SILENCE TALKS is my non-fiction story celebrating fascinating life 2.0 in my 26th year; relentlessly demonstrating my cancer winning the journey by sharing two lines from the Invictus poem:

I Am The Master Of My FATE, I Am The Captain of My SOUL.



BUT It Comes From INDOMITABLE WILL. As a professional keynote speaker an influencer with an electrifying sensational unique voice, having delivered 1000+ talk shows, interviews, and podcasts participations. I’ve always loved speaking naturally with marketers all over the world during my entrepreneurship days but lost my speaking ability to cancer.

Do you know what the best part is? After being diagnosed with vocal cord cancer in 1997 and losing my voice, I continued speaking. But, I never stopped. Did cancer take my voice away from me? Yes. But, could it hinder me from speaking? No! I still speak with people all over the world. And now, with a unique voice.

My speaking disability innovated and leveraged into incredible opportunities as a keynote speaker, anchor, captivating global influencer, and mentor. With combined experience and expertise as an International marketer for 4 decades. I’m boldly speaking about leading a sparkling and thrilling life personally, professionally and inspiring lives globally. Providing dependable solutions to adversities as a Professional speaker and Mentor.

By the way, to date, I never browsed about cancer, treatment protocols, side effects, etc., throughout my journey except for following my cancer specialists.

Shrenik Shah - Sound of Silence TALKS with differently enabled & distinctly Audible voice July 2020 - YouTube

Your abstract, Fearless & Significant Life After Cancer and short film were featured under the cinema program by the 2022 World Cancer Congress in Geneva in October having a presence in 170

countries. Tell us more.

Just imagine a day without natural speaking ability and mine is 9200 days counting forever without a natural voice and; still going at jet speed as an unstoppable with a unique voice.

Imagine my pain, anger, frustration, sheer helplessness, total rejection of my new voice in 1997, the personal, psychological, and emotional trauma and financial challenges I have experienced, to continue to troubleshoot with a Never Quit approach relentlessly.

That’s what I have narrated in this abstract and demonstrated in my film with zero fiction from the university of self-experiences, from stage IV vocal cord cancer victim of 1997 to a Fearless Keynote speaker and captivating global influencer in this fast pace of world leading significant life untiringly. And that’s why the 2022 World Cancer Congress selected and featured my abstract film as the parent organization, UICC, Geneva. It shows how to and manages cancer control, awareness, prevention, treatment protocols and cancer-related programs across 170 countries.

Many people describe you as a workaholic and perfectionist. What drives you?

Shrenik: Interesting question! I witnessed a near death experience at the age of 44 & knew the values of life & smiling & precisely forever my loss of natural voice. It's hard to get 2nd chance in life & I am committed to BUILD LIVE LEGACY as a sound of Silence Talks, A Sensational Keynote Speaker, Shrenik Shah with a Unique Voice & creates "Eureka Moments" for listeners out of my life 2.0 Therefore, I am at 71 with energy, enthusiasm, and innocence, promptness like 17 & all these coupled with my expertise from the university of experiences, as a spontaneous speaker, I am passionate about indulging in anything wholeheartedly & giving my 200% performance with unmatched perfection.

How is the Sound of Silence Talks echoing the voice of hope to people globally?

My 1000+ in-person and online talks by using my unique voice has inspired many individuals testimonies, several thousands of compliments from the world over itself echoing the voice of hope and having demonstrated courage, dedication, confidence, commitment and never quit approaches. I guarantee you will experience Eureka Moments and how my speaking disability itself is leveraged as a tool into a keynote speaker, and global influencer.

What has cancer taught you about yourself?

I could innovate my speaking disability due to cancer into incredible opportunities as a keynote speaker, mentor, change-maker, coach, etc.. Cancer is not the end of life but the new chapter of life to learn and understand, adapt, implement the acceptance of catastrophic physical, personal, psychological, emotional and professional, financial challenges and make the best out of them.

Don’t bother about body shaming, loss of hair, and such other issues. Despite being surrounded by countless well-wishers, no one can take away your pain and suffering, therefore, don’t ever expect sympathy; fight the battle by default with the mountain like WILLPOWER and total mindfulness.

Prestigious Awards Won by Shrenik Shah including:

Recipient of Guinness World Record Certificate "Watching Me Speaking with Electrifying Distinct Voice is Influencing" & celebrating my 26th year as a vocal cord cancer winner, Leading, Thrilling Life as Captivating Global Keynote Speaker

Patient Leader Hero Awardee in the USA, Global Goodwill Ambassador

BeTheChange Global, Catalyst Counselor

Anchor & Moderator of FB Live e-Health Series Published biography, "SHAHENSHAH" as e-book~paperback

Recipient of global awards, accolades, recognitions, UICC Geneva appreciation certificate & proud Indian, Invited to Speak at "The 2022 World Cancer Congress, Geneva"

When writing your biography, “SHAHENSHAH” what did you learn about yourself?

1) Making an award-winning documentary film by Innovating and leveraging Catastrophic forever speaking disability itself into incredible and rare opportunities as a Captivating Spontaneous Keynote speaker and global influencer demonstrating, Fearless, Beautiful, Spectacular, Sparkling, Fabulous, Fascinating & Thrilling life after Cancer.

2) Life as stage IV vocal cord Cancer victim to Life 2.0 of Significance.

The link to my Biography is available worldwide as paperback & e-book:

What are the key topics that you will be presenting in 2023?

The Key topics of my presentation for the life & business transformation in 2023 will


1) Winning customers -sales pitch for ExtraMileage.

2) Being Laser focused.

3) Beating adversities leading a Successful Significant life.

4) Image Building Beyond Boundaries with 4 C’s.

5) Innovating Disability into Rare and Exceptional Opportunities.

6) Going back to work after dreadful diseases despite body shaming.

7) Hooking bouncers and balls from pitchers-like challenges into massive hits.

8) Bringing Back a Lost Smile.

My audiences are students and professionals from various verticals, therefore, I prefer to speak at institutions like Harvard, and Stanford, premier universities,colleges, and foundations like Obama, and Clinton; for cancer patients and caregivers including healthcare professionals across hospitals like MSKCC-NY, Anderson, Stanford cancer hospital, etc.

Your life has been truly inspiring and has provided so much comfort to families who are affected by cancer. Any plans to share your life story in Hollywood?

Yes, The world has witnessed a catastrophic situation during and after Covid19. I am on a mission to touch the lives of millions globally. I like the audience to Experience Eureka moments through the Sound of SilenceTalks and as if Phoenix, rising from the ashes leveraged the catastrophic natural speaking disability for 11 years in a row from stage IV Vocal cord Cancer

victim to a life of Significance as a Keynote Speaker, Captivating Global Influencer, and Mentor, life-changing Coach, and with Hands of HOPE. .

Perhaps, I am the 1st in the world who delivered through my Differently Enabled and Distinctly Audible Unique Voice 1000+ talks globally in-person and online, interviews and participated in podcast recordings, inspiring so many lives globally. I am sure, the above facts will ring a Boston bell in Hollywood. Blog

The link to my Biography is available worldwide:

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