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Geneva, epicenter of high jewellery

The cradle of fine jewellery, Switzerland has a culture of ancestral expertise. The events linked to the world of jewellery since 1968, especially with the growth in auction sales, have established Geneva’s reputation as the nerve centre and capital of fine jewellery. GemGenève has now established its presence in the international fair calender.




Morelle Davidson, United Kingdom (image 1&2, Image 3: J S Fearnley with vintage Buccellati bracelet, is just an example of the iconic creations that J S Fearnley has been supplying discerning dealers and collectors from around the world since 1986 with the rare and the fine in branded estate and vintage jewellery as well as collectible, untreated coloured gemstones.

This show found its audience from its first edition in 2018, thanks to the impact of what it offers – a show created by exhibitors for exhibitors – as well as its pioneering nature. Exhibitors and professional visitors, designers and collectors from Switzerland and around the world responded to the call from GemGenève co-founders, Genevan jewellery experts, Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah.

Organised separately from the famous auctions, this show is a totally new genre, and offers a unique platform for expression dedicated to the world of coloured stones, exceptional diamonds, pearls, antique and contemporary jewellery, recognised designers and emerging talents.

Oushaba was launched earlier this year, the brainchild of a trio of friends, art lovers and collectors including Gillian Carr who is now Managing Director. They describe their brand as a sustainable art and design house that breathes new life into forgotten materials, and their jewellery as wearable art showcasing artisanal craft skills and techniques. Their founding concept of sustainability and circularity is encompassed in their innovative debut collection, Connection Salvaged. The collection explores the connectivity of today’stechnology and its relationship with the precious resources that are its vital components and yet discarded as part of technology’s built-in obsolescence. The jewels are composed of fragments of electronic waste, set in recycled 22 carat gold, 18 carat white gold and silver, and accented with sustainably sourced diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs and cufflinks, each one- of-a-kind, made to order as limited editions, have the look of found treasure; objets trouvés; wondrous unearthed antiquities; futuristic fragments of the past. The name Oushaba comes from the Arabic word for ‘alloy’.

Open to the public 11 – 14 May 2023, it offers the promise of guaranteed immersion in the heart of the different gemmology trades through exchanges, sharing, conferences and workshops. Last but not

least, it has a high-end quality educational programme through its partnerships with a variety

of schools, including keynote speakers, museum institutions and experts from around the world.

Twice a year, in Spring and in Autumn, the Geneva Luxury Week - including GemGenève - promotes outstanding knowhow, creativity, and heritage by bringing together a number of events staged by leading brands, cultural institutions, and other luxury stakeholders spanning fine jewellery, art, watchmaking, precious stones, objets d’art, fine leather goods and design. Traditionally held during the first two weeks of May and November, the Geneva Luxury Week features major auctions, professional events, talks, panel discussions, student projects, and exhibitions, all devoted to excellence.

The exhibitors of GemGenève

“We are committed to continuing our mission with the same desire to bring together thebest in the field of jewellery and gems.” Thomas Faerber

190 professional exhibitors gathered at the 6th edition of GemGenève

The 190 professional exhibitors from 20 different countries are the true ambassadors for the show, featuring plenty of diversity in human terms as well as in terms of the range of high-quality pieces that will be on show. Actors and full partners in a show conceived and designed with them in mind, together they offer an impressive variety of treasures to discover and acquire, ranging from affordable jewellery via rare and exceptional pieces to antique and historic gems and contemporary creations, not to mention diamonds, precious stones, pearls and more.

Fuli Gemstones will be exhibiting at GemGenève, the world-renowned gem and jewellery, top tier, trade show, held in Geneva, Switzerland. Fuli are excited to unveil several new collaborations and initiatives.


The French High Jewellery House, Tournaire, have created a magnificent suite of jewellery, featuring Fuli’s vivid peridot, entitled ‘Alchimie’. Set in 18K white gold, the suite is a one of kind masterpiece.

Backes & Strauss

The Queen of Hearts Peridot is an exclusive partnership with Backes & Strauss, using our finest peridot sourced directly from our Yiqisong Nanshan mine, located in the foothills of the tranquil Changbai mountains, Jilin Province. The 36 Heart Shaped Peridots have been cut & polished specially for the Queen of Hearts and set on the bezel of the 37mm Timepiece set in 18K white gold.

‘We are delighted to introduce the Queen of Hearts Peridot to our customers’, said Vartkess Knadjian, CEO of Backes & Strauss. ‘We are very excited with the partnership with Fuli Gemstones, using their peridot gemstones and look forward to coming up with some creative designs.’

Swiss Art School

This season Fuli Gemstones has been selected as the gemstone of inspiration of the Swiss Art School gouache painting competition held annually by GemGenève. The paint-ups depict Fuli’s high quality peridot gemstones and will be on display for all to see. The winners will be announced during GemGenève.

Goldsmiths GCDC Award Winner, Stasia Parker

The ‘Amulet’ collection, designed by Stasia Parker, the 2022 2D Peridot Jewellery Design gold winner, at the Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council Awards, of which Fuli Gemstones is a Patron sponsor. Fuli Gemstones collaborated with Vipa Designs in the UK and Stasia to bring her winning design to fruition. The Fuli peridots are bespoke cut hexagons, especially created for the earrings in this exquisite colourful set.

Joy BC, Artist Jeweller

The artist Joy BC has created her Medusa comb and Sekhmet ring inspired by ancient civilizations and beliefs with a modern take on female empowerment. Fuli’s peridot ignites Joy’s incredible creations.

Mark Nuell, Lapidarist & Goldsmith

Showing the refraction potential Fuli Gemstones will Introduce Mark Nuell’s new Fuli Gemstones peridot bespoke cut, weighing 9.07cts with over 150 facets.

Fuli Gemstones Bespoke Cuts

Fuli will exhibit an array of its vibrant, eye-catching loose gemstones produced from their mine. We will for the first time have our official full collection of Fuli Gemstones’ cuts available and the two-colour levels of gemstones Fuli Radiant and Fuli Vivid launching.

‘We are looking forward to presenting our Fuli Gemstones peridot to a respected audience of buyers at GemGenève. GemGenève gives us a great opportunity to educate and show people first-hand our captivating gemstones. It is always wonderful to meet new clients in person, and to see their reaction when they see our peridot. We look forward to bringing the beauty and rich history of our peridot to GemGenève.’ Pia Tonna, CMO, Fuli Gemstones (Fuli Gemstones booth number A85, Hall 1).

A majority of exhibitors from the US, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Germany

In terms of participation, US exhibitors are still well ahead of the pack, accounting for a full quarter of the participants. Next come those from Switzerland, Hong Kong, Germany, Israel, Belgium, Thailand, India, and France, followed by firms from the UK, Italy, the UAE, Sri Lanka and Singapore, and last but by no means least Russia, Poland, Austria, Japan, Spain and China.

Professional exhibitors out in force

As Ronny Totah points out, “As we welcome more dealers to GemGenève for this edition, we’ve also given careful thought to exhibition traffic. The challenge is to preserve the balance between our DNA – passing on our passion to emerging designers and schools, a diverse cultural programme, and the desire to remain a human-sized event - and the quality of exhibitors and merchandise on display, whilst making sure the visitor experience is as streamlined as possible”.

In all, 48 exhibitors will be taking part in GemGenève for the sixth time, while it will the first time for more than 20 others. Newcomers include names such as Berçot SAS (France), Tom Munsteiner, Heinz Mayer, Emil Weiss Opals KG (Germany) and JS Fearnley (USA). Sim Gems Limited (Honk Kong), Hari Krishna Exports (India), Futurgem Srl (Italy), Ultraco SA (Switzerland), Topaze Impériale (Austria), KGK Gems Limited (Thailand) are just a few others.

Since 2018, GemGenève has been committed to giving exhibitors the best experience possible in terms

of welcome, comfort and hospitality. This success has continued ever since the first edition, much to the

pride and joy of the organisers.” Ronny Totah

© GemGeneva


AIM Global 2023 will shed light on the global investment scene and the need to formulate mechanisms and strategies that promote sustainable and green investment choices. It will focus on the vital sectors, facilitate the flow of capital and foreign direct investment, explore possibilities to utilise technology to realise sustainable development goals, and boost economic growth within the framework of sound policies.

More than 12,000 participants from around 170 countries around the world are expected to join this year’s Annual Investment Meeting, which will feature more than 100 dialogue forums and more than 600 speakers, who will lead engaging talks and thought-provoking panel discussions, in addition to the workshops and lectures to be presented and supervised by a group of pioneers and experts in finance and business and academic experts in the field of economics.

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