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Gübelin Jewellery supports PinkPolarBear Foundation

Gübelin Jewellery presents a new ring collection featuring rubies from Greenland.

The storied fine jewellery House makes sustainable efforts and gives back to the environment and the protection of Greenland's majestic mammal by donating 10% of sales proceeds from the collection to the PinkPolarBear Foundation.

Gübelin Jewellery, ring collection featuring rubies from Greenland. All images courtesy of Gübelin.

The collection

The Gübelin Jewellery atelier in Lucerne has created a collection of five purist ruby rings. The focal point of each piece of jewellery is a glistening ruby from Greenland. All the selected gemstones and the gold used are from sustainable and RJC-certified sources. For precious metals, Gübelin Jewellery chose ethically sourced red and white gold with an ecological seal, indicating that it was already mined and reworked to conserve resources, providing a valuable contribution to sustainability.


Gübelin Jewellery, ring collection in white and yellow gold featuring rubies from Greenland.

Raphael Gübelin, President of the House of Gübelin, explains: “The collection is a shining example of increased sustainability and responsibility. We are dedicated to these key values and want to actively contribute.”


The design

The collection consists of five rings in a variety of designs. Using the rings’ modern, purist language of forms, Gübelin Jewellery has placed the emphasis on the Greenland rubies. The jewellery addresses those who are interested in where the gems come from, as well as which materials the rings were crafted from. The designs contain a range of cuts, shapes, settings and shades of gold, all highlighting the unique character of each individual gem.


The solitaire rings can be worn perfectly on their own while also combining harmoniously with other jewellery pieces. The straightforward yet elegant creations never go out of fashion, radiating joy day after day while reflecting core values. The contemporary and yet timeless design itself contributes to sustainability.


The iconic ruby

Each Gübelin Jewellery creation is set with the iconic ruby. The ruby stands for love and passion and symbolises expertise, experience and joy in working with coloured gemstones. In this collection, the characteristic ruby graces the setting and lends it a glittering highlight. The designers chose rubies from Greenland for the centre stone.


Gübelin Jewellery has engraved the logo for the PinkPolarBear Foundation inside each ring.

PinkPolarBear Foundation

Gübelin Jewellery will donate 10% of the proceeds from each ring in this collection to the PinkPolarBear Foundation, an initiative founded by the Greenland Ruby mine in order to promote polar research and to protect living space for people, animals and plants.

To symbolise this commitment, Gübelin Jewellery has engraved a polar bear on the inside of each ring from this collection. The bear serves as the logo for the PinkPolarBear Foundation. At the same time, the engraving indicates the origin of the ruby: Greenland.


Rubies from Greenland

Ruby deposits on Greenland, the world’s largest island, have been known for some time, but commercial mining only commenced in recent years, whereby sustainability is a key aspect. Rubies from Greenland are among the world’s most responsibly sourced.

Rubies from Greenland are among the world’s most responsibly sourced.

Deeply Inspired

The House of Gübelin’s Deeply Inspired philosophy pervades all aspects of the company’s activities. It is based on a unique combination of beauty, knowledge and expertise, always pursuing a deeper understanding of the profession, in tribute to the family’s pioneering spirit. To symbolise this philosophy, each piece of Gübelin Jewellery contains a ruby. It is considered the king of gemstones and stands for passion and love. The iconic hallmark of Gübelin Jewellery also stands for the Gübelin family’s passion for coloured gemstones.


Raphael Gübelin, President of the House of Gübelin, explains: “The House of Gübelin is renowned for its expertise in coloured gems, which Gübelin Jewellery presents in its most elegant form. The combination of inspiration, innovation and expertise together with tradition, authenticity and science is unique within the industry.”

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