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Gübelin Jewellery - Aquamarines

This spring, Gübelin Jewellery presents a multi-faceted selection of glittering aquamarines. Cocktail rings, bracelets and necklaces glisten in a range of shades, a palette drawn from the clear blue sky, the first blue blossoms of a re-awakening spring, crystal-clear waters and glacial blue mountains.

«Grace of the Sea Anemone» cocktail ring

is set with an impressive aquamarine of more than 22 ct (86.5 Gübelin Points) as well as radiantly coloured sapphires, tsavorites and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Aquamarines come in all of the sea's most exquisite colors, from light blue to iridescent greenish blue,

from delicate pastel tones to the most vivid aquatic shades, which are the inspiration for Gübelin Jewellery's new collection.

Putting the spotlight on blue gemstones and delving into their plethora of colors and meaning, Gübelin Jewellery interprets aquamarines in captivating designs – from purist through romantically light-hearted to opulent settings; the blue shades of the gemstone lend any piece of jewellery a feeling of lightness and ease.

Gübelin Jewellery’s “Grace of the Sea Anemone” cocktail ring in all its opulence. features organically shaped elements grace the elaborately designed ring band. The ornamented, gem-set elements are reminiscent of a sea anemone. They seem to dance in the water, reflecting its elegant motions.

The lively and cheerful design harmonises perfectly with the fascinating necklace pendant and earrings.

Notably colour composition is a prime example of Gübelin Jewellery’s expertise and experience with coloured


The organic, sinuous design is characteristic of the “Grace of the Sea Anemone” line, accentuated by glittering diamonds. The line offers a captivating selection of coloured gems. With lively necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, “Grace of the Sea Anemone” invites you to mix and match to create your own spring-fresh ensemble.

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