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Future For Humanity - Interview with Melinda Woolf

Imagining Moonshot Solutions for the Global Goals

A conversation with Melinda Woolf, founder and visionary for the Future for Humanity interview

Envisioning a Bright Future For Humanity!

MoralModa sat down to speak with Melinda Woolf, the founder of Future for

Humanity Foundation, on her vision of how to create the impact needed to

solve the greatest challenges of our time and at scale, and her work with the

United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, ensuring the

brightest possible Future for Humanity.

MoralModa: The Future for Humanity sounds like a large

undertaking, tell us more about the foundation.

Melinda Woolf: The Future for Humanity Foundation was

created to imagine, identify, enable and launch projects that

showcase the ‘Moonshots’ needed as standout solutions that

ensure we have absolute success for the United Nations

Global Goals.

MM: What inspired your work with the United Nations Global


MW: In my early twenties, I realized first hand just how much creative storytelling

could actually reach and impact people. I traveled the world in my job first in

advertising and then in the entertainment industry. As a young creative director and

producer my job was to tap into the voice of the biggest consumer brands and for the

biggest television networks and shows to tell the stories that could reach the USA

mainstream audiences and consumers. Fast forward to 2005, the first time I discovered that the United Nations had anInternational Day of Peace, and at that time, not many people outside of the UN Ecosystem and Policy Makers were even aware of it.

It was then that I made the commitment to use all of my creative

thinking and vast entertainment experience in storytelling and

reaching people, to actually change this. I made it my mission to

build awareness for the UN Agenda for Peace, which is currently

represented by the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable

Development, and to do what I could to make the Goals cool and

easy to understand, and available for the general public.

Now my whole life is dedicated to this mission to ensure we

actually have a future for humanity. I was a young mother and

now I have grandchildren. I look into the faces of my grandsons

and I see from where we are now, their future is not actually

guaranteed, and even less is it positioned to be bright,

flourishing and thriving unless we do something now! My whole

life is dedicated to this cause, in establishing our collective

future for humanity as bright, and to restore the climate so that

humanity can flourish and thrive in harmony with nature.

MM: Do you feel it’s possible to solve the Global Goals?

MW: First and foremost, it IS absolutely possible to solve the Global Goals. We must

first ensure that the general public actually knows about what the Global Goals are.

And we must make it hopeful, fun, engaging, participatory, inspirational and even

celebratory in nature if we want to have a chance of ensuring success for this global

mission, and create the necessary awareness. We must rethink the way we do

everything, and establish new systems that can recreate, and change things for the

better. We don’t need to give up our luxuries, or our conveniences. We simply need to

build better inputs and new ways of doing things.

The Global Goals are the UN’s vision and roadmap for Peace for

Humanity to flourish. And we need every person to stand up and

do their part in contributing their unique ‘Piece to this Global

Peace Puzzle’. The quickest way we can reach everyone is

through Entertainment, Media, Music, The Arts, and through

Gamification and Sports. With this global reach and in

celebrating what’s possible for the best of humanity, we can do

this. Through celebrating what’s actionable we can reach

everyone. By coming together and all contributing our unique

gifts and talents, we can solve the Global Goals and have a

whole lot of fun doing it!

MM: You have been working on Solutions for the Global Goals

for some time now…What are the Global Goals?

MW: The United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable

Development is a universal call to action to end poverty, protect

the planet and improve the lives and prospects of humans and

animals alike. Consisting originally of seventeen goals that were

adopted by all UN member states in 2015 as part of the 2030

agenda for sustainable development, they recognize that ending

poverty must go hand in hand with strategies that build

economic growth and address a range of social needs including

education, health, social protection and job opportunities, while

also tackling climate change and other environmental and

humanitarian issues. We are all currently witnessing the urgent

Climate Action that is needed to restore the climate so that we

actually have a future for humanity. The Global Goals serve as a

what by when, for solving the greatest challenges of our time

and ensuring basic human rights for all.

MM: You have designed an 18th Global Goal. #18, Future of

Humanity. Why?

MW: When imagining solutions that can solve the Global Goals

which are basic human rights, we actually need to aspire to do

much more. Inspired by JFK’s moonshot directive, Global Goal

#18: Future of Humanity, represents the moonshot solutions as

the “way out of the box thinking” to our world’s greatest

challenges, in a way that we may not have even thought about

the problems, much less the solutions that will need to be

imagined yet. By opening our thinking and strategically setting

our future goals in this way now, we create a greater context and

roadmap to work towards what’s possible and absolutely

necessary as the tangible and actionable solutions to ensure the

brightest Future for Humanity possible.

MM: You have quite the global roadmap of events leading up

to 2030. What are some of the standout events you have

planned for 2022?

MW: We are the impact partner for a roadmap of global events

that include everything from investment summits and climate

change forums, to concert and festival series, and at major

sporting events from the Super Bowl to the new E1 electric boat

racing series.

Our 2022 roadmap begins in January in Dubai, where the Future For Humanity

Foundation is excited to be the impact partner for the prestigious Royal Investment

Summit (, offering a Climate Positive perspective

at the summit. We are debuting our EcoVerse Futures Lounge as part of the Summit

program, in partnership with esteemed digital artist Yusuke Akamatsu. We also have

the honor of gifting the Summit Delegates with a diverse selection of climate-positive

luxury products and unique eco-experiences. An exciting addition to the programming

will be our curated conversation with renowned Climate Physicist Peter Fiekowsky on

the Climate Action needed to successfully restore our climate.

MM: What projects are considered for the FFH awards?

MW: One of my very favorite things in our 2022 Roadmap is our

awards nominations and ceremonies for the Future For

Humanity awards series, honoring some of the most incredible

people and projects on the planet! Awards Nominees and

Recipients have established the best of moonshot solutions and

legacy projects for the UN Global Goals.

Our Future For Humanity award nominees and winners include

people and projects from all walks of life, cross-sector and

industry and from all around the world. Our award winners have

literally lived into their greatest legacy of what is theirs’ to do,

thus establishing the foundation that has paved the way for

current and future generations to be able enact real change

now when we absolutely need it. Those who have committed to

the Future For Humanity Impact Pledge can also nominate

people for the Future For Humanity Awards.

MM: In speaking about Entertainment and Music, you recently

partnered with EarthAid, the producers of LiveAid, at the

United Nations Climate Change Summit, COP26, in Glasgow.

How was that? What other projects or outcomes have been

created since COP26?

MW: Yes, we had an incredibly positive experience in Glasgow

at COP26. We brought people together at St. Luke’s with

amazing award winning musicians and recording artists along

with some of the savviest minds of our times to discuss

actioning the solutions needed to solve our climate crisis. The

outcomes from our presence at COP26 have been phenomenal.

The award-winning band, The Fratellis, signed on as ‘Impact

Artists’ with Future For Humanity, in pledging to become

Climate Positive by tracking and offsetting their carbon

footprint for their upcoming global tours, as well as committing

to replace their merchandise, T-shirts and clothing with more

Climate-friendly materials.


2022-2023 Global Calendar of Events

• Royal Investment Summit @ Ritz Carlton JBR, Dubai, UAE: Jan 22-24, 2022

• Future For Humanity, Super Bowl Edition @ Wisdome.LA, Los Angeles, USA: Feb 9, 2022

• Formula 1 + CC Forum Bahrain, by invitation of the Crown Prince, Manama, Bahrain, UAE: March 19-23, 2022

• AnimalHead Ent. @ UN Earth Day.: April 22, 2022

• EU Social Ent. Roadshow @ UK, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Tunisia, Italy, Germany, France: May – Sep 2022

• Future For Humanity, 50th Anniversary UN World Environment Day, @ Stockholm, Sweden: June 5, 2022

• AnimalHead Ent. @ UN World Oceans Day: June 8, 2022

• Formula E Vancouver, Canada: July 2, 2022

• CC Forum London @ London, UK: July 5 - 7, 2022

• AnimalHead Ent. @ UN Int Day of Peace + NYC Climate Week: Sept 2022

• UN Climate Change Conference COP27 @ Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt: Nov 7-18, 2022

• AnimalHead Ent. Future For Humanity Impact Festivals @ GCC: 3rd & 4th QTR 2022

• AnimalHead Ent. @ Future For Humanity, Global Sporting Events, 2022 Launch

• AnimalHead Ent. @ Future For Humanity, Global Concert & Festival Circuits, 2022 Launch

• Events Series for Formula E, Extreme E, E1 Events: 4th QTR 2022

• World Economic Forum @ Davos, Switzerland: Jan 2023

• E1 Global Series: 1st QTR 2023 Launch

• AnimalHead Ent. @ Future For Humanity, UN Int Days: 2023 - 2030

• EarthAid Launch Arena/Stadium Shows @ London, UK + Philadelphia, USA: Summer 2023

We were also able to offset the Carbon Footprint for COP26 in

matching carbon sequestered by farmers in the USA and the UK,

and by qualifying and issuing carbon credits based on agriculture

and soil regeneration. We are very proud of these achievements

and outcomes, and hope that others follow our lead.

MM: How can people become involved with the Future for

Humanity Foundation?

MW: We have many projects and offerings that are available that everyone can choose

to participate in. We have a mission to create accessible and inclusive tools that can

create actionable impact and offer ways for people to engage and get involved in these

solutions worldwide. We are also looking to partner with the best of projects and

solutions that the smartest people all over the planet are already working towards.

For information on the Future for Humanity Foundation, and to learn about our

upcoming events, information on the Global Goals and to hear more about solutions

that ensure the brightest Future for Humanity, please visit: or contact

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