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Frederique Constant x Revolution Slimline Monolithic

Developed in collaboration with the famous watch media Revolution, Frederique Constant’s seminal technical breakthrough, the Slimline Monolithic Manufacture, is now dressed in a rosé-inspired color palette with oversized Breguet numerals in this exclusive limited edition. The Frederique Constant × Revolution Slimline Monolithic FP(S) or Future Past (Salmon) willbe made in just 100 examples and will come with two straps, a black calf leather strap with a deployant buckle, and an additional grey calf leather strap.

The Slimline Monolithic FP(S) embodies

the vision of reliable, modern and lasting

watchmaking. Its single monocrystalline round

silicon wafer complemented by two regulation

weights replaces the 26 components of a

standard assortment - including the lever, the

balance wheel and the balance spring.

Almost indestructible, the Monolithic

oscillator is the guarantor of long life.

Since monocrystalline silicon requires no

lubrication, using this material eliminates

the main weak points of traditional balance

wheels and springs. It is 100 % anti-magnetic,

withstands temperature variations, is less

sensitive to gravity and is four times lighter

than a traditional assortment. The lack of a

mechanical coupling reduces friction and wear

of the components. Therefore, less force is

need to drive the escapement wheel and the


Last but not least, the angle of its amplitude,

which is six degrees as opposed to a traditional

balance wheel’s 300 degrees, consumes so

little energy that even though it beats 10

times faster than a normal watch at 288,000

vibrations per hour or 80 beats per second,

it consumes far less energy. In the same

movement with a traditional oscillator, the

watch would have 38 hours of power reserve.

In the caliber FC-810 with the Monolithic

oscillator, you have 80 hours of power reserve.

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