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Fine watches and jewelry by Charles Zuber now available in Geneva

This summer, Charles Zuber takes Swiss elegance to the next level at the famed Beau-Rivage luxury hotel.


The brand opened a pop-up store on the main floor of the prestigious Beau-Rivage Hotel

“We are thrilled to launch our first pop-up store at the Beau-Rivage Hotel Geneva and establish a temporary retail presence in Switzerland. Our intent is to leverage the allure of exclusivity and seasonal demand through an immersive experience. By capitalizing on the limited-time nature of this exclusive retail space, we create a buzz, foster customer engagement, and can test a new market and concept. We invite everyone to join us in this unique experience and discover the elegance that defines our brand,” said Vincent Perego, Brand Director and Co-founder.

After the Abu Dhabi boutique opening in Yas Mall last May 2023, it is Geneva's turn to welcome the fresh watchmaking & jewelry brand, Charles Zuber!

The brand opened a pop-up store on the main floor of the prestigious Beau-Rivage Hotel, on the Quai du Mont-Blanc by Lake Geneva. Nestled in the heart of the capital of high jewelry and watchmaking, this retail presence is sure to captivate luxury enthusiasts and connoisseurs with its offering of exquisite timepieces and jewelry for a limited period of two months.

This retail format enables Charles Zuber to gauge uptake in the home market and tap into the seasonal enthusiasm of the 5-star hotel’s discerning clientele. The Charles Zuber boutique also showcases a curated selection of jewelry pieces from the new Mini Pomander collection, specifically tailored to summer desires. Adorned by the brightness of Turquoise, the warmth of Malachite, the shine of Moonstone and the shade of Onyx. The Beau-Rivage Hotel Geneva, known for its commitment to superlative service in exquisite surroundings, serves as the perfect setting for the Charles Zuber pop-up store. Guests and visitors will have the opportunity to indulge in the world of Swiss luxury, with an added touch of sophistication and style from the sparkle of Charles Zuber’s creations.

Charles Zuber will be present at the Beau-Rivage in Geneva starting July 3rd until August 27th. The pop-up shop will offer pieces of jewelry never before revealed in Switzerland which hint at the infinite spectrum of variations offered by the Pomander collection: rings, necklaces, earrings, studs, and studded cuffs. Set in an elegant and inviting space, the shop provides the perfect backdrop for visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Pomander. The Pomander collection takes the ancient aesthetic codes of the pomander and reinterprets them with a resolutely contemporary visual and textural language. Pomander fuses the mastery of jewelry techniques with evocative stones, culminating in beautiful and unique designs. The name Pomander came naturally – it encapsulates everything this object inspires. With its iconic tapered tip, delicately held by a protective mesh of threads so fine they seem to disappear, Pomander brings together the rarest materials, shimmering with an ethereal quality and setting the light free to play off its precious and semi-precious stones.

CHARLES ZUBER Pop-up store


13 quai du Mont-Blanc, Geneva, Switzerland

Ground floor

Opening hours : from Monday to Saturday, from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm

Contact : +41(0)79 537 97 21

Charles Zuber is a brand that is distinguished by exceptional design and the beauty of simplicity. Initially known for his expertise in setting precious and semi-precious stones, Charles Zuber, the legendary Swiss jewelry designer, who is celebrated through the brand that bears his name, was a craftsman of the most prestigious brands in the worlds of high jewelry and high watchmaking, with an aesthetic sensibility, deep knowledge of materials and precious stones, and exceptional know-how from the Métiers d'Art of jewelry and watchmaking creation. Charles Zuber is a Swiss brand based in Geneva, infused with the spirit of the Founder, brought to life by 3 passionate investors who reunited their respective talents to revive the legacy of the late great master jeweler. With each creation, the teams at Charles Zuber place all their knowledge and virtuosity at the service of an exceptional final result that lives up to the highest standards of connoisseurs and lovers of rare refinements. The spark of ambitious projects through prestigious collections, each creation combines several skills to bring forth a dazzling work of art combining technical prowess, age-old mastery and contemporary inspiration. Originally, Haute Joaillerie was the mainstay that built the renown of Charles Zuber the master jeweler. Today, Charles Zuber is brought to life with the unpredictable in mind by escaping the norms of traditional luxury in a Neo-Swiss approach that exudes exuberance.


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