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Feng J to enter a U.S. museum collection

After her art creation “Feuille de Ginkgo” got acquired by Musée des arts décoratifs Paris in 2022, 37-year-old FENG J's “Blue Anthurium”brooch is inducted into @mfaboston, as part of its permanent collection in 2023. This is a fantastic achievement for the young Chinese high jewellery artist Feng J.

Blue Anthurium by FENG.J Haute Joaillerie.

Boston-The Museum of Fine Arts , #Boston, has received 3 gifts from celebrated contemporary #jewelry artists that represent their unique approach to their designs and craftsmanship.

The objects are a pair of sapphire tassel earrings by Christian and #YasminHemmerle, Forever Dancing: Bright Star by #WallaceChan and Blue Anthurium by FENG.J Haute Joaillerie.

These are the first works by Wallace Chan and Feng J to enter a U.S. museum collection. The museum in a statement says the new acquisitions will be on view in the Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation Gallery for Jewelry when it reopens in spring 2024 following a renovation.

The gallery will showcase approximately 150 pieces from the museum’s jewelry collection, which includes ornaments crafted over 6,000 years and reflects cultures from around the globe. The 3 newest high jewels will be part of the gallery’s permanent collection.

“These three gifts are transformational for our outstanding jewelry collection. They represent the best of what is being created in fine jewelry today and will make a great statement about 21st-century creativity, design, materials and craftsmanship,” said Emily Stoehrer, the Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan curator of Jewelry.

Feng J, Founder of FENG.J Haute Joaillerie.

By now, the jewels from mainland China’s artistic jeweller, have stepped into the halls of most prestigious art museums in western world.

In ‘Blue Anthurium’, Feng employed her ‘Pigment of Gem’, a special double rose-cutting of color gemstones, to shape the creation by iconic ‘PAINTERLY’ style, yet combined with the very original 'Floating Set’, to illustrate a sculptural painting, with the ethereal temperament as a recognition of the art jeweler’s work.

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