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Feel the Lightness in Comfort with Étape

Blending luxury comfort and versatility, ÈTAPE is built to fit you like it's custom-made, appearing to create comfort in everyday life, staying in harmony with Étape is easy.

Étape is influenced by the basic pleasures of life and captures simplicity and elegance. Their stunning designs are an expression of this idea. Each bag and shoes is designed to last, with an emphasis on quality. Your image will become distinctive, sophisticated, and harmonious as a result. It adds an extra special touch to any ensemble because it is made from the finest leather, which is sustainably sourced.

Committed to excellence, innovation, and charm. Étape in French means "step," and the name offers a chance to savor the wonderful simplicity of the products with each step.

Étape's collection included bags and shoes made with high-quality Italian leathers and suedes. The brand's philosophy was born out of the idea that everyday objects should be more than just functional; they should also make us feel good about ourselves. And so Étape was born: a brand that makes it easy for you to live your best life every day.


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