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Feel good. Look good. Do good. By @woodbelteu 

Feel good. Look good. Do good. This is the motto by @woodbelteu 

When it comes to fashion, we all have our own style—and it's important to us that our clothing choices reflect who we are.  

When you're looking for a belt to match your style, there are tons of options. But what if you want something that looks good and does good? @woodbelteu you can have it both. 

Make use of high-quality materials, innovation, passion, and love for our planet to create beautiful belts that help you look good while also doing good for the environment is all the work of Wood Belt, a brand that combines fashionable design, assembled in an impact enterprise in Slovenia and is now exclusively partnered with Porterium Fashion and Design Marketplace from Monaco.

Wood Belt products are not only beautiful, but durable too. Their wooden belts feature modular components like cork, hemp, cotton and vegetable tanned leather making their good product easy to adjust and personalize, while their leather belts can be repaired with ease, and all wooden parts

have an extended lifetime guarantee. Additionally, all of their products are airport friendly and suitable for people with allergies to metal. As the brand goal is to produce at least 75% biodegradable products.

To help you build your impact fashion style, Wood Belt also produces unique bags combining high-quality sustainable materials. Making sure that they’re always on the goal as an eco-friendly brand keeping the item as biodegradable as it can be. Consumers can feel the lightness and the feeling of the wood’s natural warmth. Be aesthetically unique with Wood Belt.

Wear it with statement. Care with our planet with Wood Belt.


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