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Exclusive Interview: Baron Daniel von Lison

Baron Daniel von Lison Founder and Owner Elite Club World

Elite Club World is an international consortium of outstanding personalities, a pact that follows a clear charitable mission. The goal of Elite Club World is to bring together kind-hearted and motivated people from different backgrounds and cultural backgrounds in order to mutually benefit from our common ideas, capabilities and experience." Baron Daniel von Lison

Baron Daniel von Lison, Founder and owner of Elite Club World, talks to Moralmoda Magazine about the charitable work and projects that are focus of the Elite Club World, and its glorious history background under the patronage of the Holy Order of St. Stanislaus.

Please tell us how the idea of ​​creating Elite Club World was born? For what purpose was it created?

Baron Daniel von Lison: The history of Elite Club World as a prestigious business community, which is also the patron of the Holy Order of St. Stanislaus, which dates back to 2010.

Then my father, Chevalier Thaddeus Baron von Lison, who is the Prior of Germany in the Order of St. Stanislaus, developed the concept of a club of outstanding personalities.

If we turn to history, the Order of St. Stanislaus was founded on May 8, 1765 by the Polish King Stanislav II August Poniatowski, so that its adherents could express special loyalty to the Monarch and the state, as well as engage in charity. In total, the Order included no more than 100 people. At the same time, each participant had to prove his noble origin.

The idea of ​​our club is to support these values. I am very proud that my father-in-law and husband belong to an Italian medieval noble family with a rich past - this obliges me to follow the rules of chivalry, be successful and live with dignity.

Thus, the concept of our business community is a global association of people with chivalrous behavior who are ready to see the social problems of our time and selflessly contribute to their solution. Elite Club World includes celebrities, VIPs, philanthropists, artists, business tycoons and just anyone who has a good heart and who is ready to help other people for free.

What is the philosophy and mission of the Club?

Baron von Lison: Elite Club World is a community with members from all over the world. After all, big business involves holding business meetings in different cities

and countries, with partners of various nationalities and religions.

We take on the challenge of showcasing and providing real opportunities for international collaboration and partnership with some of the most successful business people as well as VIPs, artists, writers, diplomats and industry leaders.

Thus, our mission is to create an exclusive business club of highly professional, successful, independent people, in order to provide them with the opportunity to develop their business through networking with the goal of becoming world-class entrepreneurs, adhering to the highest standards of integrity.

What role do you play in the Club today? What do you do, what are your responsibilities?

Baron von Lison: Elite Club World is owned by the von Lison family, so my wife, my father and I don't have a strict division of responsibilities. We love what we do and are happy to dedicate our business life to bringing together kind-hearted and motivated people from different backgrounds and cultures.

One of the most important things is a stable relationship between the members of the club, as transparent and based on trust as possible. You can achieve this only if you constantly keep in touch with existing and future members and partners of our elite club.

To be honest, we do not have weekends and holidays, because most of the time we work 24/7 - this allows us to be available for all requests of purchase tickets and spend this evening with us, were not afraid to fly in, share this celebration with us and make donations for the Cradle of love project to help orphans in Tanzania.

Also, thanks to this event, our club members and guests always establish strong contact, which develops into business cooperation and setting common goals. Indeed, in our fleeting time, it is sometimes very difficult to meet gullible like-minded people and business partners.

Therefore, we give our members the opportunity to create a new business or expand an existing one.

How is it decided which charitable causes funds will be raised for? How much money did you manage to raise for charitable purposes at the last gala and where will they go?

Elite club world has long supported and raised funds for the Nature Heart Foundation to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment, use gentle and safe treatments for children, and train clinic staff in optimal care for young people in the hospital.

This year, my wife Marina and I met Maya and Nico Curman in Austria, who have been supporting and collecting donations for the Cradle of love charity project for a long time. is an orphanage in Tanzania that cares for abandoned babies, children in need (malnutrition or poor care) or babies whose mother died during or after birth.

When a mother dies, families are often unable to provide the newborn with the necessary food. They do not have the financial resources to ensure the welfare of the child.

These children find a temporary new home in the cradle of love, which takes care of babies up to the age of three.

I will not hide the fact that the pandemic greatly affected the work of our club regarding the possibility of holding various kinds of events, we were forced to cancel many of them, and this, in turn, had a negative impact on our plans for charity. For the whole of 2021, we have raised only 45,000 euros for some charities, which we consider a good result in a time of a raging pandemic.

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we were denied the auction during our gala dinner in Monaco, but all proceeds from the Tombola prize draw of 10,000 euros went to help orphans in Tanzania. In the new year 2022, we hope to catch up on missed opportunities and raise substantial amounts for new donations through the efforts of all members of our elite community.

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