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Europe’s Largest Online Diamond Jeweller No Longer Stocks Russian Diamonds - RICHEMONT Group Follows

Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77 Diamonds, Europe's largest online diamond jeweller.

Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77 Diamonds, Europe's largest online diamond jeweller, announced on 9 March, that 77 Diamonds would no longer stock Russian diamonds. As the situation develops now Cartier and other labels of the Richemont group have stepped down from the Responsible Jewellery Council, after the industry standards organisation which is devoted to creating a sustainable supply chain in the global watch and jewellery industry failed to cut ties with Russia, acc to Reuters.

In addition, the Responsible Jewellery Council director Iris Van Der Veken has resigned, while jewellery giant Pandora earlier this week also bowed out of the organisation, which has 1500 members in 71 countries.

Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77 Diamonds now says: “Richemont, which has exposure to sources of Russian diamonds, has taken the lead and it is likely others will follow. The decision of the global luxury conglomerate shows that the Responsible Jewellery Council has missed an opportunity, while it faces the difficult challenge of balancing members' needs with doing the right thing. At a time when the world is outraged, the notion of responsibility is about much more than sustainability, it is about leading and taking the right moral stance. The RJC can correct their inaction by widening the interpretation of conflict diamonds to include all Russian diamonds.”

About 77 Diamonds Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller 77 Diamonds has an appointment only showroom and workshop in London’s Mayfair, with additional showrooms in Manchester, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Zurich and Stockholm. 77 Diamonds has access to the largest source of diamonds in the world. Clients include captains of industry and stars of sport and music. 77 Diamonds sells both natural and lab-grown diamond jewellery.

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