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Essa Rashid Founder of 90’s Kids Club ‎نادي أطفال التسعينات in Interview

عيسى (@ezzzzzzzzzzza) Essa Rashid, Founder of 90’s Kids Club‎

نادي أطفال التسعينات

gave exclusive video interview in Dubai during the Dubai World Cup weekend.

Captured by photographer and videographer: Obaid al Matroshi (@_oblab) is a

Brands: @kangol, @golaclassics, and @nineteeskidsclub

Essa Rashid عيسى (@ezzzzzzzzzzza) | Founder of 90’s Kids Club
Back in late 2019 or early 2020, my friends and I had a thing called 90s Kids Club. It was essentially just a private story on my snapchat where we would organize get-togethers and connect while donning trendy 90s streetwear. Essa Rashid عيسى (@ezzzzzzzzzzza) | Founder of 90’s Kids Club

‎نادي أطفال التسعينات

As a welcome gift to the club, I used to give each acquaintance a set of quirky glasses; it felt good to start something like the club centred around this period's mood.

And at that time, while I was still studying graphic design, I would return home and begin putting the things I had learned into practice on my computer in my own quirky style, adding Arabic texts and experimenting with font, lines, forms, textures, and other elements. I therefore began to include "90’s Kids Club on clothing. Then I set up a brief meeting with Ahmed and Saif, aka McWeesh, who shared my concept and were eager to launch a firm. Then it gradually began from this point.

On a piece of paper, we drew the logo with a cheerful face. To make it unique, we included a propeller hat—something we regrettably no longer see in our daily lives.

The definition of club for the 90s generations was modified gradually, as many comments we would receive came from other generations, from the 80s; or from the 2000s; who all wanted to know how to be "part of it." As we didn't want to exclude anybody based on age, the name has become significant since different age groups became part of this and it's a fantastic time to talk about it because the brand's major goal is to revive 90s kids' street style, which includes baggy fits, colorful colors, propeller caps, cheerful faces, etc.

So the major goal is to establish a club where we can relive the kids of the 1990s. As naming it 90s Kids Club but is is not limited to only those born in this decade :)

What prompted you to start the business, and how is your company unique from other streetwear brands?

Since there aren't many local designers of this type of brand, I chose to introduce the style to the region, specifically the UAE. I was influenced by different sources outside the region; I used to shop a lot of the same style I now produce.

Each brand has its own spirit and story, which are two elements that I believe distinguish them from one another. Perhaps what defines our style is the fact that it started as a club and we strive to make it more of a club than a company.

As we work on each collection, which includes a short story film that was recorded with our old camera and converted to digital format at home by me, we also create the boxes for each collection from scratch and include a card that serves as an invitation to the club.

What is your target market, and where do you produce and distribute your products?

Since the target audience would ultimately arrive if they enjoyed our products, which is why they are referred to as the audience, the key concern is how to present ourselves to a larger audience and to those who are unfamiliar with this. Our distribution takes place at our tiny Sharjah facility, while production is done elsewhere in the world.

What is the most positive comment a client has ever made?

That's a thoughtful topic, and receiving positive feedback from a client is always a joy. The finest one, in my opinion, is when they complement the garment. We work hard and test numerous prototypes before settling on a nice one, and the best one yet is when some people say they feel comfortable enough to sleep in them! I believed before that I was the only one doing that. (laughs)

That's a great question. It's always wonderful to receive positive feedback from customers. The best one, in my opinion, is when they compliment the garment because we work hard and try a lot of samples before we find the right one. The best feedback, though, comes from customers who say they sleep in them. I believed I was acting alone in this.

What keeps you the busiest and where are you based?

The most of my personal time is spent designing, watching movies, trying to find inspiration in the little things in my daily life, working out, hanging out with friends, etc. We are headquartered in the UAE, namely Sharjah.

What do you live by?

I suppose through making my parents happy with what I do.

What do you want to achieve professionally and personally in the long run?

As I previously stated, my personal goals are, in order, to make my parents proud, maybe develop into a well-known designer, expand 90s Kids Club internationally, and eventually have our own shop.

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