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Emirates Fashion Week in Dubai

The final Fashion Show of this year was held as part of the Emirates Fashion Week series on November 22 at the luxurious Arjaan by Rotana Gallery. The show that took place on a mirror date (22.11.22) made a splash on the audience and was the true embodiment of a combination of beautiful Arabic classics and modern Fashion trends.


The dazzling show was attended by 17 designers from 10 countries. From the beginning of the Fashion show, the podium was conquered bythe breathtaking debut on the Emirates stage of the Mokoteshe @mokoteshe and VIITTA Fashion brands all the way from London and Moscow.

Equally exciting was a bridal collection of the Du Meme Sang @dumemesang brand from Paris & UAE and a bright and colorful collection of the designer Olga Leffers @olgaleffers from Russia. The Mercedress splendid dresses made a great impression on the audience.While the iconic designs by Gia Bianca @giabianca_couture - a resort clothing brand that exudes elegance and luxury, have been praised by the fashion experts.

For the second time this year, as part of the EFW series, JAP @jap_petelicka has presented a sumptuous new collection for the upcoming season. Tatyana Koshuba’s @tati_koshuba collection was a real embodiment of confidence for every lady attending the show. The audience also had a chance to see a unique collection for mother and daughter from the Valdini Couture @valdinicouture brand from Bulgaria, featuring models from Diamond Models School Dubai @diamondmodelsschool.

A luxurious addition to the evening gowns presented during EFW, was a collection of a deluxe handcrafted clutches by Mintsa @mintsaofficial. A real breakthrough was the performance of kids of the Volskaya atelier @volskaya_atelier from Kazakhstan. Childish ease, coupled with a polished catwalk, could not leave the audience indifferent. The brand @emis_swimwear embodies feminine attractiveness andpositions human values above time. The Emis Swimwear brand pays special attention to the origin of the fabrics. The production is fully integrated in the sustainability’s circle.

The UAE was represented by 7 designers - A fashion house & haute couture experts Lairmoire de Maya, that creates one of a kind luxury dresses & outfits to awaken the slumbered beauty inside every woman. An aspiring designer of magnificent evening dresses Maryamz @maryamzofficial. The Ali Asaad @aliassad.official brand all the way from the Galeries Lafayette Dubai. Said Omari @saidomari, the designer who presented the collection for the third time as part of the Emirates Fashion Week. His collection was distinguished by bright and feminine corsets.

The collection inspired by the architecture of the Dubai Museum by young brand Luon @luoncollection, deserves special attention. The Diamond N Dresses @diamond_n_dresses brand, which specializes in dress for confident, self-loving, modern women, who always strive to look amazing. The gowns are made with love in the UAE, using the finest materials from France and Italy. The final, but not less exciting touch of the show was a dress by Roula Handmade @roula_handmade, with a train of the colors of the flag of the UAE under a unique musical accompaniment proclaiming the native land of the United Arab Emirates. All dresses of these brands are made in the UAE. @emirates_fashionweek





Giabianca couture credit Reham photograph


Emis swimwear

Diamond N Dresses

Diamond N Dresses

Diamond N Dresses


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