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Emergence Madagascar

Left to right: Holijaona Raboana, President and Founder of Emergence Madagascar and Harijaona Raboana, President of Youth Emergence MBA from the Al-Khalifa Business School.

The official programme of the President of the Republic of Madagascar

Initiator of the first SEZ project outside China in Madagascar 30 years ago, Holijaona Raboana father of the concept of Emergence Madagascar remains optimistic. It is with his son Harijaona Raboana, holder of an MBA from the Al-Khalifa Business School, as well as some high level Malagasy experts that he wrote the Initiative Emergence Madagascar Strategic Plan which became the Plan Emergence Madagascar; The official programme of the President of the Republic Andry Rajoelina.

His vision and commitments are written on his instruction, initiating the process of transformation of Madagascar.

When World Bank President David Malpass took office, his first visit was to Madagascar. During this visit, he congratulated the President's vision, which is inscribed in the IEM Strategic Plan.

The international community and various economic and professional actors, political parties including the opposition, even religious congregations did not object to the content of the plan.

The Plan aims to build an

Madagascar for the well-being of all Malagasy. Emergent on the human, social, economic and environmental level, based on rational governance and boosted by the use of sustainable technologies.

The plan was subsequently transformed into the PEM and adapted to the context of the pandemic and post-pandemic.

But the main focus of the projects remains the Special Economic Zones. Madagascar is a large island at the gateway to Africa and the West, and on the borders of Asia. This strategic position, both geographical and cultural, allows it to logically welcome technological relocation flows. If an effective and innovative attractiveness policy is initiated, the basis of this attractiveness logically remains access to energy.

This is the basis for the realisation of major works and the setting up of infrastructures dedicated to investment. Among the major works, we note the provision of Madagascar with connecting infrastructures such as ports, airports, railway lines, highways, and in general with infrastructures for economic activities such as industries, tourism, mining and agriculture.

So that foreign investors can feel at home. And that national investors can acquire international standards. After the prerequisites have been put in place and the technical details related to the realisation of these major projects have been discussed, including administrative reforms, legislation and various related regulations, which are currently well underway, the President's flagship projects in the form of PPPs will transform the country into a great construction site for emergence.

Thanks to its immense potential and its currently bankable programme, Madagascar will enter into an accelerated and green growth in a very short time. Raboana father and son, respectively President of Emergence Madagascar and President of Youth Emergence Madagascar believe down to their bones.

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