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Elisabetta Franchi proposes a glam Art Deco for fall 23/24

Elisabetta Franchi's spectacular show during the Milan Fashion Week proposes Autumn/Winter 2023 collection inspired by the American Art Deco era.

All images courtesy of Elisabetta Franchi

“I chose to look at this collection as if through a kaleidoscope, a device

that always fascinated me. It took me on a journey through the

imagination, fragmenting and reassembling - in wholly unexpected

ways - lines and colour combinations.”

Elisabetta Franchi

Elisabetta Franchi presents her Autumn/Winter 2023 collection during the Milan Fashion week inspired by a journey through time and space to present a glam version of the American Art Deco era, where she is ready to abandon established trends and try something new. She gives in to the alluring fascination of the first female aviators because she is an independent thinker who is receptive to the modern world. As a result, oversized denim cargo pants paired with chic, embroidered tops highlight the glam aesthetic of the Red Carpet looks.

She has a well-balanced collection of cult items in her wardrobe, with a preference for coat-dresses, blazers, and aviator jackets that reflect her liberated spirit and disregard for traditional norms.The fabrics flow over the figure in a variety of sensual, skin-tight cuts and softer lines, particularly at the hips.Plunging necklines and lace accents that allude to lingerie conjure a sophisticated and self-aware sensuality.Along with fringe, which is the true trademark of the company, beads and pearls serve as the collection's leitmotif.Complement the outfits with jeweled platform heels, satin mules, and Red Carpet shimmering shoes, all of which are accessorized with chic, sculptured handbags that resemble quilted trunks made of velvet and embellished with embroidery.

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