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"Bahor" authenticity, brightness and energy of oriental dance at Dubai Opera

The legendary State Dance Ensemble of Uzbekistan, "Bahor", will meet Dubai audiences for the first time at Dubai Opera in an enchanting performance for one night only on March 19, 2023.

Amazing dance pieces, stunning national costumes, hypnotic folk music, and a breathtaking light score combine to create an unforgettable experience for the audience.

For the first time in Dubai: The tour of the legendary Uzbek State Dance Ensemble"Bahor"

on the magnificent stage of the famous Dubai Opera House

The tour of the State Dance Ensemble "Bahor" named after Mukarram Turgunbaeva is supported by the Art & Culture Development Foundation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The audience will see on the stage more than 20 dancers in gorgeous costumes, will enjoy the unique sound of authentic instruments, powerful voices of soloists, authenticity of folk tunes and energy of eastern rhythms!

"Bahor" is a hallmark of Uzbekistan, its pride and national heritage, its culture and history narrated through the dance. The legendary dance troupe, created by world famous choreographer Mukarram Turgunbaeva, celebrates its 65th anniversary this year.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes more than 200 solo and group pieces with expressive, almost theatrical dance plastique growing out of the centuries-old dancing tradition of the Uzbek people. The audience will witness a spectacular show performed by world-class dancers with a magnificent lighting and luxurious costumed dance pieces accompanied by live music. The kaleidoscope of colors and sounds in the presentation of the "Bahor" ensemble plunges the spectator into the mysterious and beautiful culture of the East, allowing one to enjoy the spectacular display of exquisite and colorful national costumes, hear the mesmerizing sound of ancient folk instruments and original folk tunes.

Last year, the performances of the ensemble had tremendous success in Russia, Turkey and France, receiving rave reviews from the press, choreographers and audiences. The critics noted that the plastique and expressiveness of the movements of the ensemble members is striking, and each dance is like a separate story about things that are dear to everyone: love, joy, hope and spring. "Spring" - this is how the name of the "Bahor" ensemble is translated from the Uzbek.

Don't miss the performance of the legendary ensemble "Bahor"! Poetic and lyrical dance compositions, spectacular mass scenes and solo pieces, the authentic sound of the folk instruments and masterful performance technique will create an unforgettable atmosphere of lightness and energy of life!

"Bahor": authenticity, brightness and energy of oriental dance!

Bahor uses dance to express Uzbekistan's national pride and narrate about its richest history heritage.

You will be carried away to a fantastic mysterious East culture with mesmerising poetic dance pieces, spectacular group dances, and solo performances. You will enjoy the splendid display of exquisite and colorful national costumes, the unique expressive plastique of the performers. The authentic sound of folk instruments and virtuoso performance techniques will leave you with an indescribable sense of joy and vitality that will linger long after the show has ended.

19.03.23 BAHOR, Dubai Opera - Berin Iglesias Art (

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