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Dubai Fashion Week debuts with Amato's 25th anniversary show


Award-winning Amato’s approach to fashion is avantgarde and unapolagetic. Amato creates contemporary look that are in same avant-garde league as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, but there is more to Amato than just provocative show, his models are sensual and infused with optimism for better and more peaceful society. All this is condensed in Amato's latest show that opened the Dubai Fashion Week, earlier known as Arab Fashion Week. #Amato celebrated 25 years of continuous renowned creations.

Amato 25th Anniversary show. All images Dubai Fashion Week

Carefully selected powerful designs from the brand’s conception till this day were showcased. Perfect evidence of why Amato broke glass ceilings and was always described as intriguing, inspiring and creative. The genius designs were designed for a strong person comfortable in their own skin and is after breaking status quos to follow their dreams. The fabrics, lavish materials, and rare embellishment techniques are what makes this Dubai-based label a global one. The show is a beautiful portray of evolving glam and success.


#Dubai-based label, Anomalous finally unveiled the long-waited collaboration with Hot Wheels; the # 1 selling toy in the world with over 8 billion Vehicules sold. The iconic capsule collection showcased off-venue around hundreds of guests from the broad fashion industry. Bomber jackets with patchworks, reimagined formal wear, experimental and colourful racing inspired garments mixed with signature Anomalous patterns gave us the best of both worlds and perfectly described where this collection is headed towards.

Mok Designer presents fw23


Inside out coats, jute-top stitched pockets and patchwork cubic jackets came together in today’s Elsewhere Collection to conjure nostalgia and the process of recollecting memories. MOK came back with pieces that not only resonate with the fashion loving persona inside of the guests but to dig deeper into the collection’s perception of escapism and bareness.

The man figure walking down the catwalks with the versatile structures of a thobe, textile infusion of kimonos, oversized veils and harem pants combined duality of belonging and void. MOK’s story came to life tonight and left everyone looking inside themselves in owe to these special creations.


BHYPE's vintage-street fashion brought guests on a journey to rediscover the culture of hip hop and streetwear. As a brand known for thinking outside the box, the BHYPE community is fueled by a growing global vibe that is reflected in their runway collections. The brand put on an impressive show, with models arriving in limos to showcase their vibrant collection of track suits, radiant mesh outfits, and denim for both men and women. The pieces ignited a sense of fan-fueled pride, reflecting the brand's unique aesthetic.

BHYPE's show was presented in an engaging and interactive manner, with music beats that kept the audience captivated. The brand's ability to connect with its audience through its bold and unique style has earned them a loyal following among high-end shoppers who appreciate their distinctive take on fashion at #DubaiFashionWeek

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