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Dr. Shekina Farr, Founder of Formidable Woman®

Dr. Farr is the Founder of Formidable Woman®, an International Confidence and Women’s Empowerment Brand

Dr. Shekina Farr, Founder of Formidable Woman®, all images courtesy of Formidable Woman®.

By Jules Lavallee

"Confidence is such a key factor in personal, social, emotional and professional development." It literally transcends all areas of our lives and can make or break both our success and access. With this in mind, we have built and continue to offer products, tools, courses and services that build this confidence in women—Business, Image, Mindset, Finances, Relationships, Health, Education."- Dr. Shekina Farr Moore

Dr. Shekina Farr has spoken out against gender oppression and disempowerment since 1992, penning her first published article, "Blocking Out the Gender Gap," while a high school student. This article covered a female high school student trying out for the school football team. It garnered the attention and recognition of the National Press for Women.

She has authored over 20 empowerment books and has received many national and community awards for her work with social justice and gender advocacy, including the Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama and a standing ovation and resolution by the GA House of Representatives.

In 2019, she was named Educator of the Year by ACHI Magazine and received the Leading Lady in Entrepreneurship Award by Miz CEO in 2018. In both 2016 and 2017, Dr. Farr was named among Atlanta’s "Who’s Who" and was recognized as one of "52 Empowering Women Who Empower Girls" in 2014. She has been featured for her work in community, women's empowerment and gender advocacy by many publications, including FORBES, NBC, CBS, Fox, Black Enterprise, Rolling Out, SHEEN, Millennial Mom, Today's Purpose Woman, Connected Woman Magazine and The Huffington Post.

She tells Moralmoda about her vision for Formidable Woman® Beauty in 2023.

Your life’s work has focused on the advancement of women and girls. Share your background and what led you to build Formidable Woman®, the #1 confidence brand in the world.

My platform really is my life. For YEARS I struggled with confidence. I questioned my abilities. I went along to get along even when things didn’t feel right or sit well with my spirit. I played nice and acquiesced to people I had no business connecting to. I yo-yo’d with my weight. I accepted roles and jobs that didn’t tap into my light. I downplayed my gifts to make others comfortable. I apologized for the wrongs made by others.

I share all this to say, I understand my audience because I was my audience. To this end I create, build, and breathe life into products and services that make women more "confident, competent and clear™️".

You have spoken out against gender oppression and disempowerment. Tell us about the products, tools, courses and services that build confidence in women—Business, Image, Mindset, Finances, Relationships, Health, Education with the Formidable Woman® brand.

Formidable Woman®️ is the #1 confidence brand in the world! What sets us apart is our relentless and holistic approach to build and equip you to be confident, competent and clear™. Whether you are one of our Formidable Coaching or Consulting clients, being assisted by Formidable Publishing to release one of your extraordinary projects, being featured in Formidable Woman®️ or Formidable Men Magazines, or enjoying our Formidable Woman®️ & Man Skincare & Beauty products, The Formidable Brand movement presents a defining moment for you--to unbecome everything that isn’t really you, and to become FORMIDABLE.

How important is confidence in building an empire?

Confidence is vital to bring a Formidable Woman®️! It helps us to radiate our light. This light then helps us to,

  1. Smile

  2. Not complain but dwell on the good.3. Make sure people we meet leave your presence happier than we were when we entered it.

  3. Be a good listener, and be genuinely there for others.

  4. Omit insecure jealousy, and know how to be happy for others. Lift up the discouraged

  5. Give everyone equal respect, from celebrities to servers.

  6. Practice gratitude and use manners

  7. Love ourselves

Tell us about your coaching and mentoring. What do you look for in a client? What do you offer?

Formidable Coaching Institute is a coach training and certification company. We answer the call for those who are roaming and lost or working but spinning wheels. It is time to do something different. Our clients need someone who is a strategist, is able to hold them accountable and is willing to provide guidance.

Are you ready to shift?

As our client, we will help you to:

get clear about your purpose

get clear about & streamline your goals

identify your blind spots

monetize and package "you"

be accountable

feel alive; and

gain an edge

Our Girls Empowerment Coach program is a licensed program available for women with a calling to mentor and train girls specifically. The certification concentrates on how to build a girls empowerment/mentoring business.

In addition to this certification we offer many others such as life coach, confidence coach, parent coach, business coach and more. Plus! Our Open your own Coach Academy is popular! With this program, Formidable Coaching Institute will accredit your coach training company + train and certify you!

What makes your magazines, Formidable Woman and Formidable Men stand out?

Our publication showcases powerful women and men who serve powerful women and men.

Who is a Formidable Woman?

A Formidable Woman®️ who graces our cover is a confident woman who has an unapologetic story to tell.

What lessons have you learned while building your brand?

No announcements until the contract is signed and the deal is done! You can derail your dreams by doing things prematurely!

You launched Formidable Woman® Beauty and Formidable Man Skincare. What makes you unique?

For Queens, confidence and glowing skin go hand in hand. What sets us apart is our messaging and focus on confidence. We believe confidence is what women need more of to close the wage gap. Additionally, our skincare ingredients are vegan. We carry products that:

Reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

Hydrate the skin to visibly improve firmness

Reduce the appearance of discoloration & evens skin tone

Boost confidence

Tell us about the top-sellers.

We offer an array of skin care such as vitamin c serum, eye cream and charcoal mask—all top sellers! All deliver radiant, supple skin.

Why was branching out into the skincare space important for your brand?

It was intuitive. With skin being the largest organ of the body and the first thing we showcase when we go out into the riled, it just made sense. Since our skin plays such an important role in protecting our body, we should keep it as healthy as we can. We all know that when you look good, you feel good. With an advanced skincare routine that improves your overall complexion and helps you achieve younger-looking skin, you will ultimately feel more confident and have higher self-esteem!

Can you share your beauty regime to flawless skin?

Sure! I cleanse, treat, then moisturize! I cleanse my face with Formidable Woman®️ Cleanser. Next, I treat my face with toner followed by Formidable Woman®️ Eye cream, Formidable Woman®️ Vitamin C serum, Formidable Woman®️hydrating moisturizer, and (if I’m wearing makeup,) Formidable Woman®️ Primer.

Share your vision for 2023.

In 2023, I am focused on building my beauty empire and getting onto mainstream shelves. I am also focused on building confidence through my Formidable Coaching Institute and FARR’S Best.

Formidable Woman and Formidable Men are looking for exceptional writers. Reach out to Dr. Shekina Farr for details.

@formidablewomanbeauty @formidablecoachinginstitute @farrsbest

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