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DOXA releases the new SUB 300T inspired by renowned Clive Cussler

In Honor of the Brand’s Longtime Inspiration, Famed Maritime Explorer, and Novelist Clive Cussler, DOXA is Proud to Introduce a Special Edition Watch in His Name

DOXA releases the new SUB 300T inspired by internationally recognized author, maritime explorer, as well as founder of the National Underwater and Marine Agency, Clive Cussler


Available from May 18th, 2023, at select retailers, and the e-shop on the official DOXA website.

DOXA is channeling its adventurous spirit through the fictional world of Clive Cussler. The acclaimed American adventure novelist wrote over 85 books, selling over 100 million copies, and discovered scores of shipwrecks through the non-profit agency he founded called, NUMA. Cussler’s books have been adapted to the big screen twice; Raise of the Titanic (1980) and Sahara (2005). Cussler’s novels were highly influential in spotlighting DOXA to the world, its famous orange dial was monumental in coming to renowned fictional adventure hero, Dirk Pitt’s aid, enabling the adventurer to read the time accurately while diving on his deadline driven missions. Just as Cussler’s novels explored historical mysteries and transported characters on epic quests, the celebrated author, explorer and personal DOXA wearer, inspired DOXA to reimagine the SUB 300T, which now introduces an artistic and historical look to the series.

The SUB 300T Clive Cussler stays true to the collection’s core characteristics while remaining highly distinctive. With an original handmade dial evoking a vintage compass, and the use of an aged steel appearance applied to the watch, bracelet, clasp, and pin buckle, the watch is intended to have a weathered look, perfect to be featured on the wrists of adventurers in one of Cussler’s novels. This timepiece’s aged effect is a reflection of a nautical artifact’s journey and the conditions it endured during its time submerged in the depth. This watch is not just a timepiece; it’s a symbol of adventure and discovery, a reminder of the mysteries that lie beneath the waves and the treasures waiting to be uncovered.

Each timepiece is discreetly and individually engraved with its own exclusive number on the side of the bezel, indicating its uniqueness and authenticity. With a faceted, structured 42mm diameter case, this watch features a special design that captures the Cussler identity and commemorates the author’s birthday (July 15th, 1931), as the dates 7, 15, and 31 are displayed in red on the dial. Whether worn on land or at sea, this watch is a statement of the fearless spirit of exploration and the enduring spirit of adventure.

“Cussler’s internationally famed novels were a natural platform for DOXA watches, highlighting them as essential tools for his heroic characters. DOXA’s famous orange dial dive watch continues to be a fixture for his fictional adventure hero Dirk Pitt, accompanying him on his many daredevil adventures under the sea.”

Jan Edöcs, CEO of DOXA

“Bold. Creative. Adventurous. It was how my father approached life. Whether searching for historic shipwrecks or formulating tales of adventure, he was always original and always unique. Sentiments that are perfectly captured in this DOXA watch that bears his name. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to DOXA for honoring my father’s legacy with a watch that exemplifies his courage, originality, and love of exploration.”

Dirk Cussler, Author and son of Clive Cussler Clive Cussler and DOXA share a mutual passion for adventure and maritime exploration, and a relation that started decades ago with an orange dial DOXA dive watch. To honor this storied connection, a percentage of sales from this special edition Clive Cussler watch will be donated to NUMA, the National Underwater and Marine Agency Cussler founded in 1979.

DOXA is proud to continue supporting NUMA through this long-term relationship with the SUB 300T Clive Cussler watch, which celebrates the shared passion for adventure and maritime exploration between Clive Cussler, his son Dirk, and DOXA. Additionally, the names of shipwrecks and other historical artifacts that have been discovered or surveyed by NUMA up to 2022 are engraved on the back of the SUB 300T Clive Cussler case. Each timepiece comes with an extra NATO beige strap. An additional black FKM rubber strap with an aged stainless steel coating folding clasp is available for purchase. To celebrate the launch, DOXA will be holding a special event at a private club in #Manhattan.

#Doxawatches #YourCallToAdventure


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