Dariya Mir, fashion influencer, launches her clothing line inspired by LA lifestyle

Dariya Mir is global influencer, fashion model and style icon with more than two million followers . @dariyaa_mir. Her life in Los Angeles influenced her lifestyle and career. From here she took her inspiration in order to become a fashion designer and a singer, also. Dariya Mir released three great singles, last year, that presented on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Dariya Mir designed her new fashion collection focusing on a casual style inspired by the day to day Los Angeles looks. @mir_andco

Her clothing line has a minimalistic style, made of organic materials, very easy to wear, and suits absolutely everyone. Her lifestyle comes from being a former gymnast and dancer, a pioneer of well-being and active way of living. And this can be seen in her collection, a typical LA mood setter, reflecting the main philosophy of the brand: youth and health.

The Influencer's Vision of the Future

Dariya Mir wants to continue her way of being. She wants to pursue her singing career and designing a cool casual casual wear with a worldwide distribution. She wants to educate the young generation about well being and healthy habits.

She wants to bring forward an active lifestyle through clothing, everyday style and manifestation, influencing a whole new generation about a healthy active way of life.