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Copenhagen Fashion Week Day 1

Amazing first day in Copenhagen, with one of the highlights was the Danish company Remain's Fall Winter 2023/2024 collection presented in Mineral Water Factory. Recent renovations by architect Dorte Mandrup have made the almost 100-year-old Carlsbergbyen Mineral Water Factory look raw and contemporary amid the city's newest international neighborhood.

This well selected location for a fashion show featuring and serving as a metaphor for the Danish company Remain, which so expertly strikes a balance between staying faithful to its roots and modernizing it so that the garments are constantly up-to-date.

Remain Fall Winter 2023/2024

For the collection Christensen puts an emphasis on simplicity and fronted by a diverse cast of models, the raw concrete was presented softly on a basic, natural-colored backdrop with outfits rich in details.

There were also dresses in punched blonde leather, tops with corset laces in the back and beige pleated skirts on men, as well as masculine, very oversize habit and bomber jackets on women, which are less alien to American men's fashion in the 1940s. The raw concrete was indoors softly on a simple, natural-colored backdrop as the backdrop for a collection designed by Denise Christensen and her team with a focus on simplicity and fronted by a versatile Georg Jensen's new sculptural silver collections Reflect and Arc gave the various styles more weight.

In addition to tactile wool in heavy tweed and light bouclé with silky satin and knits were added to the collection. However, when a fur coated model coated appeared on the runway, it turns out that Remain stays loyal to the Copenhagen Fashion Week's new charter, which is in effect as of this year, and it is the first fur-free fashion week. I later learned that it was really not a fur but sheepskin, which is still allowed.

Remain was founded with the goal of designing clothing in a timeless, but never boring, style with excellent craftsmanship that would last a long time. The most popular material has always been leather, and Denise Christensen was able to push it to the limit by stamping it as cloth. This time, some of it had undergone a treatment, giving it the appearance of what we once referred to as "antique clothing," though it was still soft and delectable like in the almost Western corsage evening dress. The other skin had undergone the finest symmetrical block print on a lovely full-length beige coat.

Guests at the show: Fleur Van De Buurt

Hikmat Mohammed, writer for The Telegraph.

Model Emma Onuora (@emmaonuora)

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