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Chaumet invites to Echo Culture Awards


Chaumet launches a new engagement programme: the Echo Culture Awards, to continue and enrich its long-standing commitment to art and culture, Chaumet is creating a new engagement programme: the Echo Culture Awards.

This Prize aims to support women who, through their action in the field, are committed to passing down culture, so that it can be circulated and shared. The projects of these “purveyors of culture” create meetings, bring people together, and shape dynamics, encouraging curiosity and exchange.

DISCOVER THE ECHO CULTURE AWARDS With the belief that culture is a powerful means of creating links, with this Prize, the Maison Chaumet will shine a light on three practical, cultural projects, conceived by women who act daily for change. The Chaumet Echo Culture Awards reward cultural projects that create social links and diversify audiences, with a real and measurable impact in their field. They are intended to be long-term, recurring or permanent. Projects may pertain to any creative field, such as visual arts, design, literature, crafts, built heritage preservation, teaching, performing arts or visual arts, and more!

Through the Echo Culture Awards, the Maison wants to help these projects, from all areas of culture, to come to life, grow and succeed.


Candidate projects can either be new projects, to be implemented in 2023, or existing ones, to be expanded and strengthened. The projects must be carried out in France and must be supported by an organisation through which the project leader applies. The organisation must not have more than 20 employees and its headquarters must be located in France. Applications must be submitted by 11pm on 10 March 2023.

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