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Charity Gala Dinner in Monte Carlo By Elite Club World

Access to a closed business community is always a series of privileges. Elite Club World enables members to have access to fine events and international network through key events, like the end of the year Club's Charity Gala Dinner in Monte Carlo.

The event is traditionally held every year for the past 8 years for the members of the Elite Club World.

On December 5, 2021, our Charity Gala Dinner was held at the legendary Hermitage Monte Carlo Hotel, which brought together about 130 guests from all over the world, The purpose was to rise money and to make donations for the Cradle of love project to help orphans in Tanzania.

Ahead of this event, club members and guests had the opportunity to attend the annual St Stanislaus Investiture ceremony that took place on December 4, 2021 at the Church of L’Eglise du Sacre -Coeur in France on the Côte d'Azur.

This is an ancient knightly Order with more than 250 years of history. Established by the Polish King Stanisław-August Poniatowski in 1765. In 1831, he was ranked among the orders of the Russian Empire and began to belong to the Royal House of Romanov. The motto of the order is "Praemiandoincitat" ("Rewarding, encourages"). After the Revolution of 1917 and the execution of the last Emperor of the Russian Empire, Nicholas II, who was also the last Grand Meister of the Order, he fell into oblivion and was reborn as the Phoenix Bird only with the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Order of St. Stanislaus existed in the Russian Empire until 1917.

The Order of St. Stanislaus is an international charitable organization, patronized by Elite Club World, and among the members of which there are more than 2500 people!

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