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Casablanca presents 'For the Peace' collection in Paris

Casablanca unveiled its Fall/Winter 2023–24 collection, titled For the Peace and surprisingly inspired by modern beauty of Syria and the pain of war-torn country.

Casablanca Paris - Automne-Hiver 2022/2023

Syria and refugee crisis under which France suffers a lot is rarely addressed on the catwalks in fashion, but Charaf Tajer, the founder of Casablanca, wanted specifically to use his platform to advocate for the purpose of his collection: "We’re not saying that fashion is the solution, but we should use our voices to raise issues and shout loudly, and do anything we can to create a better world." His message and invitation to talk about refugees are beautiful, and the clothes are too.

The contemporary luxury looks feature many references to Arabic culture. Daywear consisted of well-cut, army-inspired unisex uniforms and suits that were mixed with flamboyant evening wear for both male and female models. The message was clear, with big hearts printed on the outfits or heart cutouts. The uniforms were decorated with medals in shape of heart and the model carried flower bouquet. There was a vibrant section of denim looks featuring a lot of flower power and 1970s denim trousers and knitwear. It's a collection you want to wear to celebrate life at a chic party in Courchevel or a winter dessert safari. The person wearing these clothes can't be anything but happy, and maybe this does not take away somebody else's happiness, but happy people don't want to hurt others, and this is the message of Casablanca. The Parisian house is today carried in over 300 of the world’s most prestigious stores and boutiques. And with this much enthusiasm, the contemporary luxury house can aptly advocate for some change.

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