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’Cartier and Islamic Art’ hugely popular exhibit travels from Paris to Dallas

After successful Paris exhibit, now it’s delightful that

Dallas Museum of Art is set to host unique Cartier creations !

The merge of Cartier ‘s heritage and Islamic design is subject of study in the forthcoming exhibition at Dallas Museum of Art - ‘#Cartier and Islamic Art: In Search of Modernity” - Opening May 14, 2022✨

Commenting on this important exhibition that was initially presented at MAD Paris earlier this year, Francesca Cartier Brickell , author of ‘The Cartiers’ (2020) said to Moralmoda Magazine,

'The Persian style,’ my grandfather Jean-Jacques Cartier once explained to me, ‘was the purest influence on the Cartier style.’ As a child, he had missed his parents on their many trips to India and the Middle East, but those long voyages abroad had given his father, Jacques, the seeds of inspiration to create a new style of jewellery. Pencil drawings of their surroundings –temples, mosques, carvings, motifs – scribbled in his travel diaries would later be transformed into clocks, vanity cases and brooches, while suitcases filled with exotic objects–rugs, paintings, sculptures, fabrics – would inspire teams of designers back home."

Read full article in Moralmoda Magazine :

Estelle Arielle BOUCHET highlights the importance of the exhibition staged in France: the French Ministry of Culture has worked closely with the Louvre Abu Dhabi to build a cultural bridge between our civilisations. Museum visitors are invited on a "grand tour" of France's cities to learn about their socio-cultural heritage, paying tribute to multiculturalism, tolerance and peace, see also full article in our Royal issue January 2022.

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