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Cammilli celebrates its 40th anniversary

Cammilli the Italian brand pairs its signature design in white, champagne beige, and such as the 8 original shades of 18kt gold are tastefully adorned with velvety details executed by Cammilli's master goldsmiths.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Firenze celebratory ring, dedicated to the city.


Cammilli celebrates its 40th anniversary in Florence

2023 marks a special birthday for Annamaria Cammilli, which in forty years has become a leading brand in world jewelry design. A compelling journey with an international reach, the one that leads the company to celebrate in Florence 40 years of activity. A combination that embodies two fundamental pillars for the brand's identity: 40 years is synonymous with goldsmith specialization and experience, while Florence is the ultimate expression of art and beauty, inspiring the Maison's creations every day.

Cammilli celebrates its forty years in the evocative setting of Renaissance Florence. For the occasion, the company organized an event that took its guests on an extraordinary journey through art and beauty. The experience reserved for Cammilli's guests was conceived to give an international audience the opportunity to fully understand the soul of a company that has the privilege of creating jewels in a unique city like Florence, which has always represented an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creativity of the brand.

The itinerary began in Piazza della Signoria, where the guests visited the Cammilli Boutique and stopped at the Loggia dei Lanzi, exceptionally reserved for those present, to then take part in an exclusive guided tour of the Uffizi Museum. On this special occasion, Cammilli's guests were able to admire the great

masterpieces of Florentine art behind closed doors.

The event then moved to the historic Palazzo Gondi, one of the most illustrious Florentine Renaissance


During the evening, guests were able to enjoy a rich entertainment program and a privileged perspective

on the city from the terrace of the Palazzo, where it was possible to observe a Cammilli goldsmith intent on giving life to some creations.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Firenze celebratory ring, dedicated to the city, the cradle of art and beauty which has always hosted and inspired the creativity of the Cammilli brand.

As a symbolic moment to underline the tribute to Florence, Annamaria Cammilli dedicated "Firenze" to

Florence, delivering to the highest office of the city, the Mayor Dario Nardella, a unique work created for

the occasion by the artist Annamaria Cammilli.

A truly special evening, in which Cammilli was able to celebrate its 40th birthday by letting its guests

breathe in the creative atmosphere that pervades Florence, an essential part of its DNA. An unrepeatable location, where creating jewels becomes an art, every day.


A compelling journey with an international reach, the one that leads the company to celebrate 40 years in Florence today. Making jewelery for forty years in Florence means a great experience, gained in a special city. A combination that embodies two fundamental pillars for the brand's identity: 40 years is synonymous with goldsmith specialization and experience, while Florence is the ultimate expression of art and beauty, which inspires the house's creations every day.

It was 1983 when Annamaria Cammilli decided to transform her jewelry boutique in the heart of Florence

into something bigger. Thanks to this courageous choice Annamaria, painter and sculptor, has succeeded in founding a company on her own artistic talent, giving life to sculptural creations that stand out for theexceptional plasticity of their shapes.

Over the years, her peculiar way of making jewelry has turned into a distinctive style, an original and very

recognizable creative message. The talent of Cammilli's master goldsmiths then allowed to develop a high degree of specialization on various technical aspects, such as the 8 original shades of 18kt gold and the exclusive Aetherna velvety finish of gold surfaces that unequivocally distinguish the brand's jewels, a secret recipe specially developed to enhance the three-dimensionality of the jewel.

Florence is the natural habitat of all of this, immersed in the eternal beuty of the Renaissance, but also a

brilliant, sparkling and contemporary city of fashion. It is no coincidence that Annamaria Cammilli's Flagship store has been located for 10 years right in the heart of art and beauty, in front of the symbol of the city, Palazzo Vecchio.

Rigorously 100% Made in Italy production and an exclusive design: these are the values that have allowed the company to constantly renew itself over time at the service of a sophisticated and empowered woman, without ever giving up a recognizable style nor accepting compromises on quality.

However, there are also the figures confirming the appreciation of the market. Cammilli in fact closed 2022 with a +38% compared to the previous year, and the increase compared to the reference year before Covid (2019) is as much as 97%.

Cammilli continues to grow also thanks to an investment policy aimed at increasing the distribution of the brand, its notoriety and awareness of the added value of its products. Like the important investment

dedicated to training witnessed by the inauguration in June 2022 of the Cammilli Academy, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to training the sales personnel of the dealers who present the brand all over the

world. An experience offering the participants not only the opportunity to learn how to effectively convey

the special features of Cammilli jewels, but also to live an immersive experience in the heart of Florence, to discover the origins and true essence of the brand. An initiative that tells about the desire to continue to fuel growth, bringing the pervasive beauty of Florence and the savoir-faire of its master goldsmiths to the world...enclosed in a jewel.

The growth of the brand will continue to be supported by a coherent creative path, but at the same time

capable of innovating and reaching ever higher peaks, with an increasingly large space dedicated to high jewelery creations. An upward stylistic evolution, which in recent years has led the company to create even more precious jewels: here Cammilli's refined design meets high-level precious and semi-precious stones that do not go unnoticed. A trend that is recognizable in Couture creations and also confirmed through the most precious versions of the 40-year celebratory jewel, the Firenze ring.


A special jewel in a limited edition of only 40 pieces, created to celebrate Annamaria Cammilli's

40th birthday. The Firenze ring pays homage to the extraordinary city that inspires the brand's

creativity every day, but also to the particular sculptural attitude in making jewelry that has

always made Cammilli creations so recognizable.

The Florentine Maison is known worldwide for its gold finish and colors of gold, but today it wants to focus

on an even more distinctive aspect of its collections, namely the sculptural volumes. This is why the Firenze ring was not only made with the classic Aetherna satin finish, but in 7 different variants which also include the polished version, or the presence of various types and designs of pavé with diamonds and precious stones. On this special occasion, the brand wants to underline how much its history and creativity have been determined over time by a particular sculptural attitude in making jewelry. With the Firenze ring, Annamaria Cammilli celebrates the fluid volumes and the three-dimensionality of its shapes. This is the reason why there are so many different finishes and variants of Firenze: the stage is dedicated exclusively to design.

The choice for the celebratory jewel fell on a ring, as this has always been the jewel that represents the

excellence of the brand. However, this ring is even more special: its shapes are presented in seven different finishing versions and different use of stones, and each of the versions is produced in a limited series of only 40 pieces. The ring could not have just a normal case and in fact "FIRENZE" is offered with a more than exclusive packaging: a casket totally carved in alabaster stone.

The 7 versions of the FIRENZE ring:

• LUX Version : only gold

• ICON and ICON LUX versions: in the style of the iconic Dune collection, declined in satin version

with Aetherna finish and polished version

• GALAXY and GALAXY LUX versions: illuminated by a touch of pavé, declined in satin version

with Aetherna finish and polished version

• PAVÉ and PAVÉ COLOR: completely covered with stones, diamonds or colored precious stones

such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, brown and black diamonds

All together, the different versions of this ring represent the summary of Cammilli’s

40-year creativity, as well as the result of the maximum specialization achieved in the

expression of shapes and volumes.

An exclusive and characterful jewel, available in only 40 pieces.


Cammilli is rigorously consistent and does not betray his audience, maintaining a recognizable character even in the new collections. However, there is a new path, a path that tends upwards. Cammilli's creativity has been proposing more important stones for some time and the style often winks at new precious and semi-precious gems of high value for an original chromatic impact.

A trend testified by the new creations of Prestige, Couture, Athena, the new set Velaa Star and the important launch of the Moon Drops collection presented in 2023. Diamonds, but also precious colored gems such as emeralds, rubies, tanzanites meet the traditional colors of gold and the Maison's recognizable design to a stunning effect. Jewels that express design and artistic flair, combining unusual shapes and enveloping volumes with stones that do not go unnoticed: this is the present and the future of a company that from Florence puts its experience at the service of an ever more daring and precious creativity.

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