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BYRNE exposes the GyroDial ZERO

BYRNE presents the GyroDial ZERO, completely laid bare, the brand unveils the background story to where and how it all began…

The GyroDial ZERO retraces the origins of the creation of BYRNE Watch.

A vision, a movement, a singular animation, playful, so simple in appearance, and yet... so complicated to develop and never seen before in watchmaking.

The Byrne Watch brand was launched only 7 months ago during the Geneva Watch Days. And since then, the most important retailers in Japan, the United States, Canada, Germany and France have recognized in this watch and in the brand all the attributes of a creative independent watchmaker!

Dynamic! Energetic! Agile! Active!

The Byrne Watch team – led by passionate creator John Byrne and Claire Byrne, the company's CEO, at his side – is moving fast, mastering growth and success with wisdom and substance.

Together, they nurture a long-term vision, with, as a central theme:

A watch with multiple faces that changes its dial every day:

Every night at midnight, or at noon, fluid and fast, the four indexes – in the form of pivoting cuboids at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock – transform themselves and reveal a new look.

The GyroDial ZERO: A watch laid bare

The GyroDial ZERO is presented in two versions: Rhodium Silver and Rhodium Black. More than a new model, this is a new watch, offering a dimension that is distinctly different to the original model unveiled last summer in Geneva.

Laid bare, revealed, the GyroDial ZERO's movement itself is brought to light: it becomes the watch face. The components are revealed in multiple shades of gray. Bridges, screws, plate, cardinal marker cuboids are finished in Rhodium Silver or Rhodium Black. The GyroDial ZERO starts from the essence, offering the wearer the full vision of the beautiful mechanism. True to its foundational concept, the watch changes its dial every day, at midnight or noon, or on demand, with its four indexes at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock altering their face – fluid and fast – to present a new look in the spirit of the brand’s motto: “Change your mind in a flash”.

The GyroDial: Desire

One watch, four faces, as if by magic, every morning. Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, invisible dial or a sports dial with cardinal markers inspired by team jerseys enhanced with SuperLuminova... With its particular bespoke approach, Byrne invents the watch whose dial can change moods every day. At midnight or noon, or on demand, the four cuboids that display the cardinal indexes on the GyroDial ZERO’s dial rotate instantaneously, jumping one stop to reveal another face. Under the impetus of its creator John Byrne, three years of research and development in Fleurier, Switzerland, went into creating this patented animation complication; and for the GyroDial ZERO, the caliber 5555 has been entirely redesigned. With its long, lithe curves of titanium, the ‘movement‑dial’ and its hand-grained finishes presents a modern, sleek aesthetic. In exposing the movement, John Byrne sends the refreshing message that you don’t need an exclusively skeletonized movement to be inventive.

GYRO DIAL ZERO Rhodium Silver

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