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Bulgari Ambassador Priyanka Chopra at the Premiere of Amazon TV Series Citadel in London

Bulgari just opened new Hotel in Tokyo and unveils Bulgari Serpenti 75 years of Infinite Tales campaign

Bulgari Serpenti 75years of Infinite Tales campaign

Having made its way into history as the icon of endless metamorphosis, itsappeal remains unchanged through each creative transformation, alwaysfaithful to its original essence.Transcending time, space and creativity, the tale of Bulgari’s Serpenti began inthe late ‘40s in the worlds of Watches and Jewellery, later expanding into theuniverse of Leather Goods. Over the decades, the icon successfully interpretedthe spirit of every age, becoming a symbol of female empowerment fromgeneration to generation.As a fascinating emblem rich in cultural connotations, it also reached theworld of art, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and a field of creativeexperimentation for Bulgari. The encounter of the snake and art gave birthto extraordinary synergies, such as the Serpenti by Refik Anadol exhibition,which will continue its journey at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museumin Madrid, in February 2023. In the wake of this mutual creative exchange, anew series of collaborations between Bulgari and some visionary artists ofour century will be unveiled within the framework of the 75th Anniversarycelebrations.

For 75 years Bulgari has shown its audacious creativity, ingenious craftsmanship and modern spirit through its emblematic Serpenti creations inspired by the jewels of Cleopatra, in a Rome of more than 2000 yearsago. They convey endless tales, artistry and empowerment. It expanded theboundaries of jewellery, reflecting the spirit of confident women and enteringthe world of art through exciting creative collaborations. It was and is the ultimate Bulgari icon of endless metamorphosis.” - Commented Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the Bulgari

As a celebratory year, 2023 will write an exciting new chapter in a storyof ongoing change, where inspiration turns into art and legacy into future.A story without an end, only perpetual transformation. This is the infinite taleof Serpenti.


The legend of Serpenti begins long before the mythical animal entered theprestigious realm of jewellery.deeply rooted in the history of humanity, thesnake captured the imagination from East to West and through the millennia.In Greek and Roman mythology, it was believed to possess transformativeand regenerative powers for its ability to shed its skin. This universal energy inconstant renewal was symbolically represented by the ouroboros, the symbolfor a snake biting its tail to form an infinite circle without beginning or end.Its ever-shifting nature and eternal spirit have been a leitmotif of Bulgari’ssnake icon since its earliest origins in 1948, when the first Serpenti creationsmade their debut as jewellery-watches to be wrapped around the wrist. At thattime Serpenti was more stylised: its linked body was crafted employing theingenious Tubogas technique, coupling masterful goldsmithing with the innatesuppleness of the icon. The industrial-inspired flexible tubular band of preciousmetal, obtained without soldering, was an expression of Bulgari’s spirit ofinnovation and therefore naturally suited to Serpenti’s future-oriented identity.

In the 50s, the Bulgari serpent began to move towards a more figurative style,with a precious head embellished with ruby, emerald or diamond eyes. Thiswas an evolution that culminated in the 60s when the snake’s livery turned intoa canvas for creative experimentation and its alluring scales were articulatedwith the help of gemstones and coloured enamels. It was in these inventiveyears that the Maison created the first Serpenti secret jewellery-watches,featuring a dial concealed by the head.The striking colour combinations and unconventional materials introduced inthose years were emblematic of Bulgari’s legendary style, while the masterfullyhand-applied enamels and gemstones, as well as the flexible tubular scales,inventively connected to a supple inner core, proved how Serpenti’s evolutionwas deeply intertwined with Bulgari’s unique artistry as a master jeweller.

Evolving from one mesmerizing form to the next, the serpent has alsooffered stunning interpretations of its hexagonal scale motif, various levels ofpreciousness and unique combinations of exquisite gems, captivating designand creative craftsmanship.From heritage pieces to the sleek, ultra-contemporary, stylized Serpentiviper weknow today, the icon remains forever an emblem of audacious transformations– always ready to reveal a new move or to take a hypnotic new form.

Reinterpreting Serpenti sign over and over without changing its identity is aninspiring challenge.” said Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari’s Jewellery Creative director. It is this perfect balance between its heritage and creativity evolution that hasmade the icon truly timeless and always in step with the times.

The journey through 75 years of style, creativity and captivating metamorphosis,the Bulgari Serpenti 75years of Infinite Tales campaign showcases the unstoppable evolution of the icon through an entrancing story reel. In a timelinespanning from the first Serpenti secret- watches and colourful creations of the60’s to today’s cutting-edgeviper renditions, the campaign illustrates the ideaof metamorphosis behind each Serpenti iteration.Intertwined with the feminine universe like no other icon, the Bulgari serpentis captured by the lenses of Scandebergs photography duo, as it sinuouslycoils around women of different eras, wrapping around their skin until theybecome one. A stylistic metamorphosis, it represents the evolution of womenand their self-determination. In an enthralling play of sinuous lines and sensualmoves, the evocative aesthetics of the campaign conjure the supple body ofBulgari’s Serpenti creations in every detail, from the feminine silhouettes to thecharming ways the jewels are worn.

As the jeweller of extraordinary women, Bulgari has always drawn inspirationfrom the charisma of its muses, crafting empowering pieces that celebrate anexpressive personality and audacious mindset. In the last 75 years, womenhave affirmed the right to be independent, cultivate their talents, pursue theirdreams and live a life in line with their desires. From the red carpet to the office,Serpenti has been their faithful ally, evolving side by side with charismaticwomen who own their magnetic charm.Acclaimed by style legenddianavreeland as well as by Hollywood starElizabeth Taylor, the Bulgari serpent has seduced some of the world’s mostfamous icons of all times, from Marisa Berenson to Charlize Theron, Aliciavikander, Naomi Campbell and Zendaya, in a perpetual movement towardsthe future.


From painting to photography, fashion and design, the snake has always beena prominent fixture in art. Among the countless interpretations, the serpentanimates the works ofdepero, Miró andpaulklee, it appears on the designobjects by the dreamy Fornasetti and it gives title to many films by acclaimeddirectors. Ironic and playful exponents of contemporary art such as AlexanderCalder, Niki de Saintphalle,keith Haring and Joanavasconcelos deliveredtheir very own interpretation of the mythical animal alongside photographerssuch as Robert Mapplethorpe, Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton, whofocused on the animal’s seductive and transformative powers.In keeping with this legacy, Bulgari launches the Serpenti Factory, an artisticinitiative focussing on the snake as an endless source of creative production,drawing on the imagery of the icon to discover how the inspirations, symbols,techniques and archives of the Maison continue to influence the inexhaustiblecreativity and craftsmanship of Serpenti.The Serpenti Factory embraces many territories which are part of the icon’sidentity, from heritage to craftsmanship, from multisensory technologies to thenew campaign celebrating the 75th anniversary of the icon connecting past,present and future.The project includes a series of special collaborations between Bulgari andinternational contemporary artists such as Refik Anadol,davidequayola,daniel Rozin, Sougwen Chung and Cate M who have specially developedexclusive artworks dedicated to Serpenti to show the eclectic nature of theicon.Throughout the year Serpenti Factories spread across the world will featurethe work of local artists.From China to theunited States, and throughout Europe, each stage of thisjourney will introduce a new metamorphosis of Serpenti, once more elevatingthe symbol’s timeless fascination and magnetism into a true form of art.


From Milan’s centralpiazzaduomo to London’s famed Saatchi Gallery,Serpenti by Refik Anadol has touched down at some of Europe’s most iconicart destinations, and now inaugurates a new chapter at the prestigiousThyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Madrid.Open to the public from February 17, the exhibition will represent a highlight ofSerpenti’s 75th Anniversary, kicking off the celebration year and charting theicon’s metamorphosis from its inception in 1948 into the future through thepower of machine learning.Born from an innovative combination of art and technology, the installationis a multimedia artwork generated by artificial intelligence and resulting fromalgorithms trained with 200 million images of nature. Interpreting the conceptof metamorphosis as the change from one form to another, the award-winningmedia artist and director Anadol transforms nature into data and data intoabstract, poetic images.The immersive experience combines the installation with a curated selection ofSerpenti creations from the Bulgari Heritage collection as well as the Maison’shistorical archives, while a fragrance developed by artificial intelligence, namedRainforest Serpenti, permeates the immersive room of the installation for amulti-sensory journey.On the same occasion, a one-of-a-kind Serpenti High Jewellery necklace withmatching earrings, exclusively created for the anniversary, will be unveiled.Named Serpenti Blue Heaven after the celestial colours of its tanzaniteand aquamarine layout evoking Roman and Spanish skies, the creationmetaphorically displays an embrace between the two countries. With twodazzling snakes masterfully intertwined with one another, the legend ofSerpenti is rendered through Bulgari’s visionary craftsmanship and gemstoneartistry in a new tale of wonder.The exhibition will take place at the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum inMadrid, from February 17 to April 16.

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