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BOVET 1822 back at Villa du Lac with the first full skeleton watch in its 200-year-old history

The new BOVET 1822 Timepiece : The Virtuoso XI

“In today's world of mass-produced luxury, here at BOVET we focus on handcraftsmanship and the human touch,” says Mr. Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET 1822. “I am proud to introduce the Virtuoso XI, which combines contemporary high watchmaking with artisanal hand-finishing and hand-engraving. This piece is an ode to BOVET’s artisans, who take such pride in every step of the process.”

The Virtuoso XI is the very first full skeleton timepiece the Maison has ever introduced. It might seem a bit surprising, given Bovet’s focus on mechanical artistry. This timepiece is a triumph of high watchmaking, skeletonization, hand-engraving, and hand-decoration. All told, more than 60 pairs of human hands have come together to transform this timepiece into a true work of art.

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