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Boucheron - Carte Blanche, More is More



©Boucheron - Carte Blanche, More is More - Do Not Iron jack

THE WILD DREAM Offering the Jack icon a colorful expression, as precious as the joy radiating from these singular and bold pieces. Diamonds, white gold, intricate setting: on these joyful pieces, techniques and precious materials come together in harmony. Getting the party started on a tuxedo collar, breaking the rules on an evening gown, dressing up and shaking up genders and conventions.


Ten times as light as gold, magnesium is at the heart of these 3 brooches’ design. On the magnesium cones, black lacquer alternates with diamond lines, their sizes perfectly selected to create a subtle play of light and scales. Resin-colored cones displaying their modernity with extreme delicacy. This complex and exhilarating result was made possible through the joint work of different craftsmen – each one bringing the excellence of their specialty – becoming partners at the service of beauty.

Clothing jewel set with o n y x , p a v e d w i t h diamonds, and decorated with lacquer, in titanium and white gold. Bracelet paved with tsavorites, and decorated with lacquer, in titanium and white gold. Bracelet in the tradition of multi-wear.


A neo-parure. Nonchalance feigned by a hand slipped into a High Jewelry pocket, adaptable to be worn on any garment. The final touch to this picture is a bracelet, shaped as a perfect sphere. Who said that a parure should be composed of a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet? In the Pocket makes light of conventions. It creates an attitude and a succession of emotions, drawn from the discovery of the richness of its pieces – enhanced by the preciousness of their nonconformism.


Slipping one’s adorned hand in a precious pocket and giving metal the suppleness of cloth: this may have been one of the greatest challenges posed to the ateliers. The 3D printed titanium elements of this precious pocket are mounted on stretch fabric. From the back of the wearer’s garment, a magnet fits the structure: secretly fixing this incredible jewel, which delicately blends with the cloth. Multiwear, which is dear to Maison Boucheron, is celebrated here through a tsavorite and black lacquer sphere. A true objet d’art, turning into a cuff bracelet and two rings when the sphere is dismantled: making it a spectacular four-in-one creation, celebrating savoir-faire and creativity. Titanium was chosen to constitute the structure of the sphere: it was anodized to ensure the most precise color treatment.

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