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Borsalino unveils the new Spring-Summer 2024 collections

Borsalino unveils the new Spring-Summer 2024 collections fo rmen and women. The unveling was attended by the brand's Head of Style, Jacopo Politi in Florence



Where it all started, the Garden of Eden is the starting point for the creative inspiration of Borsalino’s Head of Style, Jacopo Politi for the new Spring-Summer 2024 collection, putting Nature at the center of everything. A rarefied and dreamy atmosphere envelops a collection with a joyful palette of pastel shades and that boundless desire for lightness.

Jacopo Politi, Head of Style for Borsalino, takes us into a personalized vision of the Garden of Eden to discover the Spring-Summer 2024 collection.  An imaginative fantasy journey that celebrates Nature in all its forms as a font of inspiration. Everything is rarefied and fluid, from the materials to the workmanship, color nuances to select accessories to create a joyful collection that traces,outlines and underlines the elegance of lightness.

The array of choice materials is consistent and heavily linked to the historical DNA of Borsalino, favoring handcrafted natural fibers. This means there is a lot of space for the beloved Panama hat in all its varieties, proposed this year in the unprecedented Panama Fine in Total White (Medea) braided straw and Total Black with a frosted ‘wet effect’ finish (The Andrea Panama); Focus is also on Braided Straw, Waxed Papier, the Parasisol, and last, but not least, the protagonist of the season: a crocheted Raffia Ines Basque cap, promised to be one of the season’s best sellers.  The Borsalino Spring-Summer 2024 collection is airy and light, enriched by manual weaving of the talented Borsalino artisans with decorative geometric motifs, embroidered and fringed hat bands.


White with all its infinite shades of light, delicate pastel nuances and precise selection of strong colors from Hibiscus, Sunset and Tigris Blue – define the chromatic scale of a collection that loves to play with decorative elements. Ribbon hat bands are bountiful:   the classic grosgrain  color range of Emerald, Luna (Moonlight), Azalea, and Turquoise are joined by silk satin, trimmings in jacquard twine in faded or fringed degrade raffia, and in baguette rhinestones and hand embroidered sequins. Tassels, chains, goose feathers and detachable earrings playfully décor the hats, transporting us to a joyful and carefree dimension. An absolute novelty is the removable earrings of the Kris model Special mentions go out to the new summer felts, which are very light and in shocking colors, and the return of a mini collection of 5 ceremonial hats dedicated to those who love to wear hats on special occasions.

Collection protagonists of the rich Borsalino material selection features styles in délavé denim; a very light summer tweed; Sangallo lace as well as numerous new ‘straw’ fiber effects. Starring among the numerous new shapes: with a completely open back baseball Cardi cap; fringed large brim cloche hats: the Miranda & the Donna; bucket hats ranging from the micro-Kori version, the maxi Yuri style or the Worker a multi-pocket bucket hat; a six-segment Sun flat cap with a maxi visor, and finally the foulard Kourtney visor.

And in celebration of lighthearted and unforgettable summer moments, the special SS24 Borsalino Soft Accessory collection is completely dedicated to the sea and beach living with a range of featherlight sarongs, kaftans, shawls, twilly elastic hair bands, and beach towels.


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