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Baur au Lac in Zurich hosts Kispiball 2022

Benefit silent auction for the leading center for children with burn injuries in Zurich

The Kispiball in the Baur au Lac traditionally opens the Zurich ball season - a lavish festival with culinary highlights on the one hand and music, dance and entertainment on the other. Above all, however, it is a charity event in favor of the Zurich Children's Hospital.

Located in the heart of Zurich in the middle of its own park, the historic 5-star hotel welcomes you with a magnificent view of Lake Zurich and the Alps. Its unique, privileged location, stylish rooms & suites, award-winning gastronomy and incomparable Baur au Lac service delight guests from all over the world. The Baur au Lac has set the standard in the Swiss luxury hotel industry from the very beginning and still enjoys the reputation as one of the best hotels in the world.

A sunny barbecue afternoon, a family “fondue supper”, a box of matches lying around and unfortunately often a second of inattention – and then it happened.After severe burns, children from all over Switzerland are transported to the University Children's Hospital in Zurich, where Switzerland's largest center for children with burns is operated.Here, the specialists take care of those affected and often treat them for several months or years

The Zurich Children's Hospital relies on the most innovative treatment methods to treat burn injuries. Giving children and young people a future.Leading center for children with burn injuries.

Severe burns in particular often require transplantation. The researchers at the Zurich Children's Hospital have come up with an innovation that saves the lives of children and young people. The professionals produce replacement skin from the patient's own cells in the laboratory. This artificially grown skin is then transplanted onto the wound by surgeons. Clinical studies show that the transplanted replacement skin fits into the body with little or no scarring and then even grows with it. This reduces future follow-up treatments, especially for children who are still developing.

People help make life-saving research possible

The research at the children's hospital contributes to the fact that children all over the world after severe burns have the prospect of a better quality of life. However, research requires resources.It is only thanks to the support of generous people like you that important advances in medicine can be made and the quality of life of sick children improved. For this reason, the proceeds from the Kispiball 2022 will go to the center for children with burn injuries at the Zurich Children's Hospital.

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