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Artist Elena Butko is now officially a UAE resident

Avant-Garde artist Elena Butko most famous for her abstract artworks is now a resident of Dubai, UAE adding to the art and culture scene of Dubai and the UAE.

The Ukrainian artist recently had two exhibitions of her artworks in Dubai at Fancy Rose Jwellery Gallery and the Fashion Factor show 2nd edition. She donated half of the proceeds of her private sales to Ukraine and in some instances all the proceeds of the artwork sales. Recently she exhibited an art gallery at DSRPTD 2022 the Tech and Startup Summit this October in Sofitel JBR Dubai.

Elena to continue her paintings and artworks in Dubai and from Dubai to the world with more of her abstract avant garde art to come in upcoming months at various venues, art galleries and international and global exhibitions in the UAE and beyond.

Check her out as one of the most famous artists here:

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