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Art Dubai unveils Boghossian’s “cabinet of curiosities”


A unique assortment of flawless bejewelled creations will be presented in Boghossian’s “cabinet of curiosities” set within a special installation designed by Danish Kufstudios and acclaimed Lebanese interior designer Nada Debs. Like its jewellery, the Maison’s booth highlights the dialogue between cultures – and the extraordinary beauty that has resulted from multicultural influences. Novelties showcased will include jewellery creations that highlight the beauty of nature’s greatest gemstones with intricate decorative motifs of Oriental art and architecture, vibrant colours and feminine curves. Conch pearls, Paraiba tourmalines, yellow diamonds, Kashmir sapphires put together in striking multi-colour compositions combine Eastern opulence with Swiss craftsmanship, and glamour with contemporary spirit. Boghossian’s Villa Empain in Brussels, a landmark Art Deco residence turned exhibition centre, has been home to the philanthropic Boghossian Foundation since 2006. Guests to the booth will see a small retrospective showing the evolution of Villa Empain and the role it plays in supporting the Foundation’s goal of removing social barriers and encouraging an exchange of cultural and artistic ideas, using art as a force for positive social change. Visit website.

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