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Aqua Jewellers; Nature Inspired Creations With Uncut Diamonds

Earrings: uncut diamonds, gold, morganite tumble and ruby glass fill beads by

Every year, floral motifs and designs continue to charm everyone and rule the world of trends, season after season! Imitating nature, jewelry has become a way to reflect the floral world's beauty.

It is creatively quite challenging for Aqua Jewellers to pick up a floral theme that has universally been discovered and rediscovered by designers across eras and still make it relevant and create something unique. The curves, layers, petals, pearls, and the enchanting colors of stones make a unique style.

Flush diamond setting

Going beyond the cliche designs, Aqua Jewellers has used uncut diamonds with abstract flowers around it with the flush diamond setting, combing gold and colorful gemstones (morganite tumble and ruby glass fill beads) with layers of jhumkies presenting you with a diamond and uncut diamonds essence, adorned with a blossoms’ touch of pearls and delicate artistry.

Statement piece from Aqua Jewellers

Jhumkies are highly versatile and the combination of jhumkies and floral motifs makes it a statement piece.

Aqua Jewellers is adamant about setting a standard that distinguishes it from the competition. Every piece diminishes the honor of traditions and beliefs passed down through the generations. The jeweler meticulously monitors the accuracy of every product we convey to their customers. The brand’s jewels are intricately engraved and designed with an eye for perfection!

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