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Alexis Mabille's fall 2023 unveils monochrome sensuality

Alexis Mabille's fall 2023/2024 collection features 15 unquestionably strong and monochrome looks, all in warm earth tones, blushing pinks, and gold!

Photo: Julie Trannoy. Courtesy of

With a range of warm colors, the sensual theme is highlighted with attention to detail and waist, often accessorized with this belt featuring an embelished buckle on long princess dresses with a tight bodice, or the opposite version of sensuality in a beautiful parachute dress or many Corolla bustier dresses.

This time Mabille's favored Hellenic silhouette and sharply tailored pointy shoulders are absent, but the edgy styles give this collection strong relevance for day and evening events. There is one feature that every collection has, and it was so elegantly presented on a long corolla dress in mustard and black colored changing taffeta, with black lace inserts again and a matching belt.

The designer refrains from embroidery, completely giving attention to the silhouette and luxurious fabrics that flow around the body in a contemporary way and the dynamics that his clients seek. By allowing the outfits and colors to speak their own language, this collection, aptly named "Raibow Drops,"

has something more than rainbow jollity—couture poetry.

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