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Alexis Mabille Haute Couture collection for the season: Fall/Winter 22-23

French couturier Alexis Mabille presents today one of his best haute couture collections yet.

Mabille’s new Haute Couture collection is completely fresh yet retains crèator’s signature iconography; of the femme fleur, spectacular millefeuille tulle dresses and Greek inspired drapery in his couture collection—a reference that could sound a bit trite but these are timeless beauty ideals appropriately adapted for the 21st century women who wear Alexis Mabille creations as these ingeniously celebrates the female body qua sublime couture, fabrics, texture and colour combinations rather than exposing the nudity, Mabille offers women freedom of dressing in a way that keeps the integrity and intimacy of her physique personal and alluring at the same time.

This collection underpins the quality and relevance of #French #hautecouture for the new decade.

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