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Alankrita Sahai, the first Indian to win 7 international titles for her home country

MM: In what way is Miss India Earth different from the other beauty contests?

Miss India Earth the name itself is a representation of the idea of making amends and sustaining our planet. Promoting and encouraging ideas for the eco system we belong to.

Our country is part of a global village, now becoming a cemented vicinity where we need to go green or we shall suffer as a race.

So we try to sensitise and advertise the ideas that can help our mother survive.

It’s different as the name itself suggests the platform and the opportunity it offers it’s queen each year to help generate enough momentum to bring in new policies or help in spreading and supporting causes that can help us save the eco system.

MM: What does beauty mean for you in general?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder they say. So for me it’s irrespective of how the society has its own connotations . Beauty is in the power to be kind, generous, a good human being and to have the ability to accept people for who and how they are . Beauty is about the way you perceive an individuals demeanour, glamour or external qualities and their inner well being . Beauty to me is subjective . It’s a combination of the heart mind soul and body . U can have a beautiful face but what about the heart ? The heart and actions touches people and that’s how they remember you for how you made them feel !

MM: When – and why – did you decide that you want to be part of the cinema and music industry?

It was a sudden change in my career ! It wasn’t a devised plan or a decision I made with much planning or backing . It was in mumbai that I was drawn to my unintentional manifested dream to be someone who does something for her country and I boom I end up becoming an artist . I ended up being the first Indian to win 7 titles for my nation internationally so for me I somehow made my dear diary entry come true but in a different format . Post winning I chose that this is my calling as how this was so unplanned and it happened so smoothly for me like it was meant to be . The struggles and battles came after that, I enjoyed every bit of it and I love what I do . Cinema is my life now ! So the universe did conspire and I did the hard work too .

MM: Which are your all time favourite cinema blockbusters?

There are so many .

Pretty woman to the godfather .

Scarface to the broke back mountain .

Erin Brockovich to million dollar baby.

Sholay to much kuch hota hai . There is no end to the movies I love.

MM: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Being the first Indian to win 7 titles internationally for my country.

MM: What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Health wealth and joy in being . To have my family and friends always be healthy and surrounded with abundance of joy and health . To be Able to travel the world and take care of my family and have great people around me who believe in me .

MM: What is your current state of mind?

Attract what you expect.

Respect what you desire.

Become what you respect.

And mirror what you admire !

Always be grateful. That’s the magic potion .

MM: What is your favorite occupation?

Well it’s being an actor and an interior consultant .

MM: What is your most treasured possession?

My grand dads letters and my grand moms Jewels .

MM: What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Food, working out and my partner.

MM: What is your favorite journey?

The journey from a tomboy to a celebrity! It’s been a beautiful journey and it’s transformed my life and helped me evolve . I made mistakes I learnt from and i became a strong, courageous, kind and brave woman.

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