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AFRICA & ITS BRILLIANT DESTINY: Future Trends Manifesto for Africa

New Africa, Next Phase Restructuring Upgrade,

New Thought Processes, New Strategies, New Systems, New Modeling, New Mechanisms, and New Methodologies

By Farzam Kamalabadi

Chairman & President Future Trends Group

Africa, the origins of human civilization, the magical continent blessed with a brilliant destiny, endowed with the richest human, material, mental, and cultural resources, is where the fate of humanity has a chance of renewal and rebirth.

The urgent need yet distant goal and the missing mission of designing, creating, and implementing a lasting planetary model and perpetual mechanism for mega wealth generation and equitable wealth distribution at the same time, has defined my entire being ever since early childhood.

This compelling imperative has mysteriously created in me a strong urge, to converge my half a century of uniquely combined experiences in USA, Europe, China, the Gulf States, coupled with my consciously created vastly accumulated resources in over 100 countries, to gather and bring them together as a whole system, and utilize and contribute all these for the service of Africa and the uplifting of its Nations.

In utter humility, and realistically knowing full well how limited the powers of one individual or an enterprise can be, I have been forced for over four decades to breathe and think, and discover and invent a series of new global systems and methodologies, that can affect and accomplish something substantially decisive, meaningfully effective, and truly fate changing well beyond my limited self and again in humility for the destinies of humanity.

To this end, during the Holy Year in 1992, I had conceived and in 1993 I had created Future Trends Group as an umbrella organization, a hybrid futuristic ideal institution, inclusive of wealth and welfare, a new paradigm and a sustainable model platform for simultaneous wealth generation and wealth distribution at the same time and within the same system, a combination organization of for-profit and non-profit, humanitarian and financial, governmental relations and non-governmental institutions, a bridge covering the gap between the idealists and the pragmatists, which will set the trends of the future and be emulated by numerous others during countless generations. To establish a perpetual model, which will remain for ages as the lead agent and catalyst for positive change.

Within three decades of history, in Future Trends we developed and perfected a vast global network and proprietary system for “exponential growth by mega multiplication” applied to the economies of “companies” and “countries”, both “corporate” and “governmental” programs, strategies, and initiatives.

For Africa, which had been for centuries the hunting ground of foreign governments and corporations to appropriate, pillage, and plunder the national resources and assets of the Continent, detrimental to the land and the lives of the peoples of Africa, I had thought in reverse, to position myself as their “hunter” and on their behalf, to rally and gather all my global resources to bring to Africa, but with a different attitude filled with the spirit of real service and contributions while being sensitive to the local needs and realities, acting as a trigger and jump start only for creating and building Africa’s own self regenerative native economies and societies yet in a formula ensuring a multi-win outcome for all local, national, and global stakeholders.

My vision for Africa was Africa not simply as passive follower and recipient but as the leader and contributor to the world society and global community, with its future abundance economy; Africa not as a third-world or second-world citizen, but as the mega wealth creator and contributor to the world.

The idea was to trigger the existing human, mental, psychological, entrepreneurial, financial, managerial, and mineral resources “of Africa, in Africa, by Africa, for Africa”, while we, the outsiders, act as the starter and trigger, by our contribution of capital, technologies, management, and methodologies unleashing the national assets monetization for their own wealth creation, but obviously with a fair and equitable rewards and distribution of wealth for all involved, including the foreign investors and multi-national interests, so that all will win in a pro-rated manner.

Having the experience and having applied several rounds of my invented unique methodologies and policies starting nearly four decades ago by means of which I had been blessed to contribute decisively to the rise of China and its emergence into the world community, with its hyper jump and leap frog progress on a collective manner, bypassing many unnecessary slow stages of growth, I have constantly prayed for inspiration to discover and deliver applicable fast-tracking systems, innovative modeling, and new methodologies for Africa, this final frontier, this richest resources storage house of the planet, to impact and affect a much higher transformation and collective uplift in much a shorter time frame than even China.

To achieve faster and more drastic yet realistic and solid collective results in transformation to uplift the entire Africa, I had to achieve the following:

  1. CollectiveParticipation:To bring in much more readily, easily, and smoothly a much larger and vaster body of global community’s responsible investors and appropriate technologies and operators in all the key sectors, with the right attitude and in a manner they would proactively wish and seek to join, in a concerted and highly organized manner, converging as a mega impact spaceship for Africa’s warp speed growth with its takeoff engine and jump-start fuel. For this, I have created “vortex” methodologies for faster and larger inputting of a vast number of right caliber companies and entities, coupled with my invented modeling of “opportunity allocation” for more efficient and better placement of these large numbers of global participants into their optimum proper position.

  2. To make the destination, that is, the entire Continent with all its 54 nations, to become much more attractive, viable, prepared, ready, well organized, arrayed, and in unison. To this end, I started the monumental process of “shared vision” and “consensus” creation among all the national leaders in all the countries of Africa, coupled with the methodologies of “aggregation” of all key industries, project series, resources, and assets.

  3. To create mega multiplication of the values of all the converged assets and resources, developed or undeveloped, and the total national economies of Africa. For this, I had to plan and prepare entire elaborate proprietary systems for the digitalization of Africa and its assets and operations in a uniquely arrayed manner, and pre-arrange the most qualified global enablers and their mature systems.

Towards the above goals, I invented the concept and methodology of “vortex” formation and “vortex of vortices” creation, that is, to invent and apply an effective modeling that will first array all “destination-recipients” so as to best “aggregate” all industries and projects of the African nations and the Continent into a unified system, as a powerful “turbo engine” for automatic spiral upward colossal growth. Into this new equation, highly organized and well arrayed, this global massive engine of growth, the global community, the international capital and organizations would vie and compete with each other to enter and grow, without the need of Africa and its governments to beg them, not even the need to invite them, but on the reverse, a unique modeling and situation that would so attract and entice all, that they would wish to rush in, while behaving well to take their seats properly and be positioned appropriately at this mega banquet table feast of “opportunities allocation”.

To the global investor community, “consensus” of leaders in many African countries would translate into an attractive well-organized and better-arrayed one-stop-shop power corridor access to several markets at the same time, translating into golden chance of capturing a much larger market share more easily and faster. The “opportunity allocation” would mean scarcity of such series of well prepared, high- value, high-returns, low-risk projects in ratio to numerous competent global players who are lined up for each opportunity and are willing to bid and compete to come in.

"I reminded the collective leaders and partners in Africa to apply a central value system and core theology I uphold all along in my personal life which I always state; “since the day I was born onward, I needed nothing”! I am 100% on the solution side, and 0% on the need side. The same, Africa is also on the solution side, for the balanced and selective supply of wealth and resources to the needs of the planet."

This would create a new situation and paradigm shift reality for Africa and in the African psyche, that Africa does not need the outside world, it has every thing, but that it is the outside world that really needs Africa, hence, the ideal healthy relations will emerge as mutual interdependence and balanced benefit to all participants and constituent elements, and all the domestic and global beneficiaries, while the priority will be given to the masses and populations of Africa first, then their respective governments and national and local private and public enterprises, and of course also the global community, all in unison and with a perfect balance of interests.

The ultimate objective obviously is not to over exaggerate one part of the world and exalt it over the other sister races and nations. To accentuate Africa is for creating the balancer effect, to fully release the bondage of thought, to remind the subconscious of Africa of its fullest potentials and capabilities, that it is fully endowed not only with abundance of mineral resources but more so human and intellectual powers. This recognition shift will create in Africa clarity of mind and awareness of its own abilities to re-arrange its affairs and destinies with basic support from outside, shape its own rightful destiny and in turn see economic rise in an interdependent world, not as follower but as leader and contributor to the world, for the bigger goal of a unified world, a unity in diversity form of the oneness of the world of humanity.

The mental image I had of Africa was that Africa is the heart of the world, and that economy is the heart and engine of wealth generation of its nations; that finance is the heart and artery of economy, and digital finance is the heart and the collection and distribution core of finance, as well as the apex and culmination form of all the national wealth and assets value multiplication.

My innovative mega strategy of “converge, merge, integrate, aggregate” at Future Trends for Africa, with participation and full contribution of all visionary leaders of the Continent, whether political, financial, industrial, entrepreneurial, humanitarian, and leaders of thought, is to create a “grand consensus” among all the national leaders and a “mega aggregation” of all national assets under various ministries, centered around financial restructuring and upgrade, leading to the creation of unified digital national economy, and the ultimate creation of Future Generation Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds for the nations in the digital economy, the first of their kind in the world.

Up to this moment and only within half a year, Future Trends has created momentum and gathered staunch support and endorsement for such lofty joint Initiatives in PPP format with most of the collective leadership and the cabinet of some 20 African countries, and has communicated by writing two hundred letters, and has held a series of over one hundred one-on-one lengthy meetings of in-depth brainstorming with the national leaders in three tiers; the Presidents, the Chairmen of the various Parliaments, and the Prime Ministers, collectively as the “Head”, also the Ministers of Finance, the Governors of the Central Banks, and the Ministers of Digital Economy, collectively as the “Heart”, as well as many relevant key asset holding Ministers as the “pillars”, and has received several letters of endorsement or invitation to develop the above initiatives in their various respective countries.

Coupled with such “consensus” building process among the key national leaders, Future Trends has now created a mega “aggregation” system of key industrial sectors, and lead-projects and initiatives, as well-prepared baskets of opportunities, by virtue of having been entrusted, on priority or exclusive basis, with several key national projects and even industries for proper development, deployment, and implementation. An exhaustive list of the projects and related files has been prepared in a well-organized data, which will be updated from time to time.

Mirroring the above array of creating consensus and aggregation order within the Destination Nations, only within the past few months, Future Trends has also effectively communicated the vision, and has already gathered solid support and expression of interest and desire for participation by nearly 800 companies, corporations, enterprises, government entities and agencies, financial institutions and other humanitarian entities or otherwise prominent personalities from some 50 countries. The exhaustive list of both classic heavy duty investments and the digitalization plan top enablers include, for classic economy the Global Federation of Chinese Chambers of Commerce which has 365,000 global Chinese enterprises in over 90 countries, Chairman Li Nonghe, my friend and partner of over 22 year; the Tiller Capital Group and its Chairman Mr. Anthony Georgiou; and for digital economy a large array of top players from the zero layer protocols, to top players for wide usage applications, such as the Spatial Web Foundation and its Founder and the Chairman of Verses company, the legendary Mr. Dan Mapes, and the early block- chain pioneering Verus protocol and its related block-chain applications for the best decentralized private ID enabler as the industry Guru, Mr. Nicholas Lyons and Bradley Kohn, among countless other highly value-driven, morally-responsible global enterprise leaders.

In a symbolic analogy, at Future Trends for Africa we have prepared a “Noah’s Ark”, with 20-30 specimen of back-up solutions, as enabler-investors and operators and with ready-to-deploy plans, for each line and each project of the diverse industrial sectors and sub-sectors of the key national projects in our hand on priority basis.

On the receiving end, where Future Trends has captured enormous interest and overwhelming response and support from over 20 African countries and their collective leadership, there is also positive competition pressure on the destination countries and their leaders to act faster and perform better to become the priority beneficiaries of Future Trends unique system and global resources.

The above back to back array and healthy competition on the part of both the global investor community and also the destination nations, actually serves the best interest of both sides and all the involved parties.

In total, at Future Trends we have designed a multi-tier growth by mega multiplication strategy for the economies of the African Nations, endorsed by the President, the Prime Minister and also the Chairman of the Parliament and other Ministers of the Cabinet of each Nation; firstly, classic investments and growth of core assets under the asset-management Ministries of Agriculture, Mining and Minerals, Oil & Gas & Energy, Industry & Commerce, Infrastructure, Environment, and others; secondly, upgrade of the above investments and developments into a digital national economy system; thirdly, convergence and aggregation of the above under the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, and the Ministry of National Economy into a unified classic and digital financial system and markets with the digitalization of national fiat currency and the Central Banks and affiliated or connected banking system; and finally, the creation of the Future Generation Funds or Sovereign Wealth Funds within the digital economy.

To reinstate for more clarification, I have designed combination “vortices” machinery, the core of which is one vertical “vortex”, which in itself will merge and translate into a horizontal “vortex”. The vertical vortex two parallel curve lines are the collective leaders on array in “consensus” on the one side, and all assets and industries and projects in “aggregation” on the other side. The horizontal vortex two lines are back- to-back matching array of all sources of global capital and investments, technologies and innovation as well as operations and management companies from 100 countries on the upper curve, and the 54 African destination countries and their respective private and public markets and partners in a well-organized array as the lower curve housing the incoming global players systematically and on automated modeling arrangement.

The power of the above “vortex” arrangement is that within it both the receiving countries and also the incoming companies will all need to win by merit, both the receiving 54 Africa countries and their respective leaders and project owners, and the thousands of enterprises from the 100 diverse countries excited to enter Africa under this new super formula, all need to compete to earn. Players line up on each side, will only receive their shares of benefits by entering the vortex via positive competition if they wish to be the partakers and beneficiaries of this “golden opportunity allocation”. The better the receiving countries perform in creating consensus and convergence centered around Future Trends initiatives, the more attractive they become to the vast existing global resources of Future Trends; and the more the international community is attracted on a large scale to participate in Africa’s new trends of well arrayed and orchestrated projects and initiatives under the consensus system of Future Trends, the more the host countries are motivated to perform. By this automatic and ever escalating law of mutual attraction, this automated “vortex” machinery produces the higher efficiency and more spectacular results for all.

So it is a perfect convergence and matching methodology, creating a full spectrum of asset and opportunity allocation in the market countries, to which we bring both our own Future Trends member companies and partner organizations in 100 countries, as well as the international business community at large, to come in systematically and take their portion of the opportunities in a way that we need not pull and push them, nor pressure or beg them, not even the need to propose and make offers to them, but just inform them, in which situation they themselves will be proactively seeking and asking and even competing and complying and vying and buying to join in via our uniquely attractive “opportunity allocation” methodology.

This will create win-win-win formula for the international investor communities, as well as the destination African Nations, first for the masses and peoples of Africa, then the governments and institutions, then for every domestic or and global stakeholder in Africa, reflecting a mega plural multi-win arrangement.

Another series of in-built key multiplier “vortices” modeling on top of the above mechanisms, will enhance the wealth thus created, and will multiply them into a grand national digital economy, for which Future Trends has proprietary know-how and precise methodologies which will be unraveled gradually beyond the scope of this Manifesto.

The adoption of digital market economy, with its various digital exchanges and assets floating, specially the securities tokenization described below, wherein the developed and undeveloped assets of the nations will be liquidly traded and monetized in the newly emerging robust domestic digital markets, will involve the large participation of the newly online registered masses of the African people, specially the youth. This will serve as another automated modeling and methodology for wealth disbursement and the creation of middle class affluent community and mid-wealth popular society.

For the total national economy value multiplication, suffice it to say that this system will have a core unified financial platform on digital economy on PPP methodology where the official fiat currency and the central bank itself will be digitalized on stable coin yet not stagnant coin, and the developed national assets will be all tokenized on securities tokenization platforms merged into this stable coin account but within a universal unified wallet with stable coin on the top layer, a fractional reserve data coin for gold and all other precious mineral assets under the ground as the below layer, and an investment coin designed for growth of value without the dangers of volatility, cleverly positioned in the middle.

On the upper horizontal line of this financial digital “vortex” mechanism, is the stable coin line related to the assets developed and added to the GDP and the national economy in an increasing rate, initially pegged to match with the “national currency digitalized”, which reflects the total value of national economy, like a power grid which in itself is stable to avoid any volatility and fluctuations, yet the loops of power generation input entering its web-like system enhance and add to the total capacity, hence, the total value of the stable coin reflecting the total value of the national economy still increases as an aggregate, like the tidewater flux by collective rise.

On the lower horizontal line of the financial “vortex” formation, is the reserves data coin, reflecting the untapped under the ground total reserves as they are discovered, prospected, and recorded. These assets under the ground are like the body of the iceberg, whereas the extracted physical assets by the fractional mining of these assets are like chipping off the tip of the iceberg. The information of the exact quantities, quality, content, and value of these hitherto dormant or dead assets which exist all over Africa most abundantly, is now accurately estimated while being gathered from the on the ground artisanal mining of physical assets by the information collected from the daily logging recordings of extracted fractional mining. The actual supply chain operations block-chain of the fractional artisanal mining logging of physical gold or other precious metal reserves and assets produces value similar to oils current physical trading, where as the data of the underground estimated total asset reserves serves like much larger financial value of futures trading of gold and other national reserves, which can be qualified as accurate reserve assets, very much like a prospecting or exploration function for the assets, therefore can become liquid and transactional, and be monetized as futures trading of untapped hitherto dead yet gradually developing assets. In this manner, by comparison, only a small fraction of the mining assets of Africa will need be mined by smart planning of smart mining, and thereby generating wealth while protecting the environment. The bulk of mega wealth generation will be the monetization of mineral assets while still locked in the ground.

Here I have designed an elaborate precise system, unknown to any one as of yet, that once in full play, will act as multi-layer compounding value-multiplier machinery, inasmuch as it grows both the already enhanced by one vortex the developed assets of the nations on securities tokenization, and also grows the hitherto deadlock assets while accurately prospecting them by activating them on the data coin, whereas the financial gains surplus generated on the two ends will easily be migrated by all asset owners on this unified wallet ecosystem and transferred on into the investment coin, a mega automatic mass adoption mechanism, and hence other multiple rounds of value skyrocketing in a spiral upward manner, compounding the wealth of the nations.

To give perspectives, the Arab Nations Sovereign Wealth Funds are backed only by one asset, oil, or gas, whereas just the classic assets of many African Nations include oil and gas, plus gold and diamond, and agriculture products, and other precious metals and minerals. Yet, the current 15 Sovereign Wealth Funds of Africa total no more than $120-130 Billion USD, perhaps slightly more than 1% of only one Arab Nation Sovereign Wealth Fund, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, ADIA.

The uniquely invented, innovatively designed, and imminently to be implemented mechanism and modeling of Future Trends for the converged assets aggregation and mega financial monetization, plus compounded value multiplication of Africa, will create and generate several multi-trillion dollar economies within only one decade.

The ultimate goal and the end game plan had always been mega wealth creation and equitable wealth distribution, the universal “affluence allocation” by fair modeling, and balanced and equitable wealth utilization in the digital global economic system. For the actualization and realization of this fate changing new order of the lives of billions of the underprivileged masses of humanity, I had invented the mechanism of “Embedded Benevolence” to be built-in as automatic processes within the zero level protocols and 1st and 2nd layer block-chain and its myriads of applications and operations, aided by AI and other powerful enabler technological tools in the digital economy era.

The systems would produce humanitarian digital pairings of all commercial and entrepreneurial activities and processes on hyper ledgers and distributed ledgers automatically based on in-built equations and formulas, within the framework of philanthropic smart contracts, thereby continuously generate an automatic seamless regenerative spiral upward wealth generation and affluence distribution ecosystem at the same time.

Our designed features on the one hand include another “vortex” mechanism, the merit record of the recipients of various causes and impact initiatives on KYC, coupled with effective and efficient mechanisms of measurements, applying automatic fractional spread and distribution of the wealth by smart contracts on merit basis, and utilizing AI enabled compliance and accountability mechanisms. On the other hand, the system would be equipped with better practices act and better results performance smart monitoring and auto audit, all enabled by unbiased AI, and would generate ratings and grading of all beneficiaries’ programs and initiatives again on fair play AI, which in turn would produce massive trust and confidence of the systems thus enabled, and create an automatic stimulating spiral up circle of mass adoption and support preferences by the end-user communities, for all humanitarian causes.

While the promising prospects of outcomes of such noble and lofty initiatives are indeed great and real, and the determination and preparations have already started, yet all along I have had full knowledge of the reality check of the current situation in Africa, the countless inertias and blockages, and the potential setbacks on the way, and the many challenges ahead. Myself and our Future Trends teams and global system have made monumental resolve towards that, knowing well that for such a sublime initiative to turn into reality, equally great sacrifices are required. I have always been a firm believer in the limitless powers of purity of motive, that for a really great Cause to succeed it must generate convergence momentum of universal participation, and that this cannot be achieved unless and until it is truly based on purest motives and sound systems set in operation.

I have made several commitments and announced these openly and publicly that personally and as an entity myself and our Future Trends will not take any penny in Africa out of the countries we will generate wealth in, that any money we generate and any rightful and legitimate financial results we produce, every penny will remain in the countries to which we are dedicated, so that we will be the first selfless group to show others who will join. In this manner, we collectively will create wealth and distribute it within this invented methodology of “Embedded Benevolence”.

The Rise of Africa

It is my ardent prayer and inspired confidence that the consensus and the pan- African Master Strategy thus created and to be implemented collectively will be historic in nature and in outcome, will gather colossal universal support and ultimately unanimous recognition from all corners within Africa, the Africans in diaspora, and the global community, will place in embedded perpetual regenerative and self augmenting systems and modeling, and will produce short term, mid term, and long term far reaching sublime results, and will usher in a new chapter in the brilliant Destiny of the Nations, the Republics, and the Peoples, of Africa, and eventually will lead into the Ascent, the Elevation and the Rise of the entire Africa. The Rise of Africa, based on the vision of Future Trends, will be holistically on all levels, including material, financial, mental, and psychological levels, and in a model and manner that is non-threatening; that is, the emergence of an Africa which is neither threatening nor threatened, rather in a state of perfect reciprocity, balanced union, and perpetual harmony internally and with the rest of the world.

The geopolitics of Africa, can, must, and will move Africa into stability and order via these vortices of growth. In Africa, I envision and promote establishment of multi- national, diversified and balanced-interest neutral zones, similar to Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Switzerland, the first of which should be the Central African Republic. Future Trends model and system does not reduce the benefits of any national vested interest parties, but rather enhances and compounds all interests in a balanced pro- rated manner. In this model, the Rise of Africa serves all nations. All nations will find the realization of their highest interests in their support of such new model for Africa.

The Rise of Africa will become possible and turn into reality only after the full universal restoration and gain of a supreme sense of mission and destiny, and the realization of self-belief, self-esteem, and dignity by all nations of Africa, which will result in the rise of the global prestige of Africa and the African communities in diaspora. The rise in glory and the rightful pride of the African nations so connected to their communities in diaspora, will in turn usher in the healing of the age-long ills of racism against the peoples of African origin globally, specially in America and Europe, a reality which will become possible only after the elevation of the entire African Continent as the motherland. Indeed, the rightful rise of Africa will heal America!

Some 40 years ago, the situation with China and its relationship with the Chinese communities in diaspora, was no different. A short review of the parallel comparison can shed light on the amazing potentials of suddenly revolutionizing upside change of the fate of Africa. Due to three centuries of backwardness of their motherland, China, the Chinese in the mainland first, and their communities all over the world to a lesser degree all were severely down-trodden, entirely pessimistic, and in total self negation and disbelief of any chance of change. The early years I arrived there, universal pessimism and negativity was so prevalent. The two most famous cultural works represented the depth of hopelessness, negativity, and pessimism: The book “The Ugly Chinese”, and the most popular TV documentary series “The River Elegy” in 1988, which in essence had the focal message that the backward Chinese civilization could never change and that there were no hope for China’s future.

My first and crucial key contribution to China was precisely the change of such passive morbid psychology, universally, decisively, effectively, and almost singlehandedly. Right around the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square event when I was in Beijing at the heart of the carnage seeing hundreds of buses and buildings on fire and picking up bullets, my China Manifesto, spread like wildfire all over China. During two years of my one hundred lecture series to the Chinese student and scholar leaders all over America, I distributed the “Brilliant Outlook of the Future of China” directly in person by my own hands to some 30,000 Chinese leaders. During my relentless travels throughout China to 1000 counties (500 cities included) giving some 2000 lectures and countless media interviews, again consciously and single- handedly I popularized a word never till then spoken anywhere.

This word, “Shi Ming” or “Mission and Destiny” hence became most popular and became the frequently spoken motto by hundreds of millions or billion of the Chinese within a decade and afterwards everywhere, by all, and in all situations.

It is no wonder then why I am so serenely, selflessly, unassumingly, and fully convinced of the galvanizing effects of the Future Trends Vision laid down in this Africa Manifesto. It is not at all about me, or Future Trends, where we serve only as the catalyst. It is about the destinies of the African Nations and Peoples and the fate of the planet. Yet, in its part as it has been done before, this Manifesto will play its role in unifying the visions and missions of countless pure souls and leaders all over Africa, and the African leaders of thought and enterprises in diaspora, nay, indeed all altruistic people of good will and vision dedicated to the Cause of Africa’s Destiny and the world abundant economy model of the future.

It is my other internal firm conviction, based on my understanding of the intrinsic laws of the spiritual world, that the prolonged extreme suffering and bondage that Africa has on the most part undergone, has prepared its people and endowed its tribes and civilizations with certain spiritual qualities and insights, and has given them a special “Shi Ming”, a unique “Mission & Destiny”, that the Rise of Africa will not lead to its pride and their wealth will not make them forget their origins, that African peoples and citizens during and after the process of universal mega wealth generation will take altruism to its highest level, that they will perpetuate sharing their blessings and will contribute amply to the poor nations, that they will forgive yet not forget the sufferings, that they will break the vicious circle of prejudices and will heal the nations, that they will combine wealth with humility for the service to humanity, and thereby will champion the Cause of oneness, unity, and universal peace.

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