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Abed El Rahman Naamani in Interview

Abed El Rahman Naamani is a Lebanese enthusiast who is aiming high to pursue his dreams and achieve them.

With a BA in Communication Arts & Media from the Lebanese American University and expertise in communication and the PR field, Abed founded MagLebanon in 2014 during his last semester at LAU. With his dedication and passion, he is currently building a solid foundation for his name, magazine, and career path.

Abed El Rahman Naamani , Monaco 2022. All images MagLebanon.

Founded in 2014, MagLebanon is a Beirut-based microblogging platform dedicated to sharing a panorama of different lifestyles and experiences. With over +215K organic followers from the Middle East's prestigious high-end society, the electronic page resembles a private hub that gatheres people virtually. The page covers different topics ranging from fashion, lifestyle, and celebrity news to prestigious events and galas, as well as work on charitable projects.

Abed El Rahman Naamani, "It all started when I was in my last semester at university where I graduated in communication/media from LAU, and my friends used to tell me that I am super sociable and I am so into the social and lifestyle. From here, the idea started to gather the society into one community, and this is how Maglebanon started. It was the first that shared the news that fast and in simplicity."

What is the main target audience and scoop of your publication?

Maglebanon’s audience is all from the elite, top-notch society from the Middle East and even Europe.

The audience includes celebrities, public figures, and socialites. They all check the publication to know what is out and about, and check out the latest in refined fashion, lifestyle, business, and social news. The main target is to gather all these people that share the same interest together.

Please elaborate on how Lebanon is spreading its international reach abroad from Lebanon to the world.

I was able to gather a community from a 10452 KM2 country, Lebanon, including Lebanon's most prestigious high-end society. It became like a popular club gathering.

So when I started to expand it to Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, the United Kingdom, and even India, all the prestigious communities showed interest, especially that I was connecting people from all around the world with each other.

How and why was Mag Lebanon founded?

Founded in 2014, MagLebanon is a Beirut-based microblogging platform that reflects the lifestyle of the Middle East and the region.

For example, if you are in Monaco for the F1, all of these groups will see where the best place is to spend the day and even party together. It's almost like lobbying for them to socialize, especially if you share who's there, such as an entrepreneur is spotted somewhere. Yes, even business and social people are like celebrities, and the latest trend of promoting your business is by your very own self.

The international reach is present by covering all the international events and also by connecting the international community with the Middle East, I became like the hub. This sort of connection can get them an investor to expand their scope of business to the Middle East.

How are you, as an entrepreneur, building an international community that shares the same lifestyle and interests?

It's all about sharing an authentic real life rather than faking it, like if I was traveling somewhere, I would share the places I shop or go to, and definitely my audience shares the same interest with me, and it happens that we all know each other. It's all a small community, and you need to know what your community needs. I even introduce to my audience new shops, restaurants, and places they can check out. I believe that being "unique" is the key. And when you are authentic and deliver, this touches the audience's heart.

I learned from the legendary Elie Saab, whom I consider my influence and motto, that you can represent your country whenever you are across the globe. Be known for your work. It's all about your hard work and you keep on raising your country's name high.

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