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Organised by the Oceanographic Institute and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation the Monaco Blue Initiative is hosted in Monaco from 19 & 20 MARCH 2023. It takes place before Monaco Ocean Week, and after recent 8th International Our Ocean Conference in Panama, in presence of HE Mrs Maguy Maccario-Doyle, Ambassador of Monaco to the USA and Canada, represented HSH the Sovereign Prince, His Government and His Foundation, which was held in Panama on 2nd and 3rd March.

This event in Panama, which took place in parallel with the UN Conference on Marine Biodiversity beyond National Jurisdiction and which negotiations led to the "High Seas Treaty", brought together more than 600 representatives of governments, companies and NGOs to discuss the framework for the "Blue Economy" for the protection and sustainable use of the seas and the ocean. he aim of this international conference was to emphasise the need to commit to concrete actions through, among other things, voluntary contributions. More than 340 pledges totalling approximately 20 billion were made.

High Seas Treaty, A historic step forward in safeguarding international waters ( courtesy image.

The MBI takes place following nearly two decades of discussions, the United Nations member countries have reached an important agreement on a legal framework to protect portions of the ocean outside national jurisdictions, on March 4th, 2023. This historic deal, known as the High Seas Treaty, marks a significant step forward in safeguarding international waters and in respecting the 30x30 pledge called for by the GBF agreed in December 2022.

Representatives of Governments, international organizations, civil society, NGOs, the private sector, the scientific community and the media meet every year in Monaco for Monaco Blue Initiative to explore and promote synergies between the protection of the marine environment and the development of a truly sustainable blue economy.

The results and recommendations of the MBI are brought to high-level international discussions and negotiations on ocean protection and governance, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the negotiations on Marine Biodiversity in Areas beyond National Jurisdiction and the International Marine Protected Areas Congress.

The Oceanographic Institute is committed to increasing awareness of the riches and fragility of the ocean, and to promoting its sustainable management and rational and effective protection. To achieve this, it acts as mediator between, on the one hand, scientific and socio-economic players, and, on the other hand, the general public and political decision-makers. It implements this mission highlighting the exceptional heritage of Prince Albert I and the exemplary commitment of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco to “Promote knowledge, love and protection of the ocean.”

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco decided in June 2006 to create His Foundation in response to the worrying threats to our planet’s environment. For the past 15 years, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has been leading actions in three main geographical areas: the Mediterranean Basin, the Polar Regions and the Least Developed Countries (according to the United Nations list) in order to limit the effects of climate change and promote renewable energies, preserve biodiversity, manage water resources and combat desertification. Active at the international level, the Foundation mobilizes citizens, political leaders, scientists and economic players in the protection of nature, the common heritage of humanity.

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